You Made A Difference – Thank You!

Volunteer Victoria turned 40 this week. Today we are officially 14,602 days old!

Relative to agencies like the Cridge Centre – Western Canada’s oldest non profit which formed in 1876 – we are still a baby. Still, 40 years of business is a big milestone and we are so grateful to all our former and current agency and individual members, board members, and staff and volunteers who have made and continue to make Volunteer Victoria vibrant and relevant.

We are blessed to have team members (paid and volunteer) whose faces still light up every time they help a potential volunteer connect and commit to a volunteer opportunity, and who delight in creating and sharing knowledge, and strengthening the non profit community. One of the many  joys of working with volunteers and the agencies who recruit and manage volunteers is the endless amount of potential that is harnessed on a daily basis and grows with every act of volunteerism. Regardless of age or stage of life, volunteers make a difference.

We also want to acknowledge and thank the many organizations, foundations, and individuals who have invested in Volunteer Victoria over the last 40 years – Victoria Foundation, United Way of Greater Victoria, Coast Capital Savings, Thrifty Foods, and the provincial and municipal governments – to name a few. An investment in volunteerism is more than just a good use of resources – it builds connections, increases health and wellness, and extends the bounds of possibility – for individuals and for communities.  By helping Volunteer Victoria, you have helped many.

So thank you for supporting Volunteer Victoria and for choosing us to be your partner in all things volunteer  and non profit related.  The first 40 years were fabulous and we can’t wait for the next stage of our journey.

Volunteers live long and prosper!


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