WE’VE Network

The WE’VE Network is a group of local business people dedicated to the idea of connecting their workplaces and employees with volunteer engagement opportunities that are tailor made, cost effective, and have impact. The Network is an opportunity for business people to build and grow community programs, and to connect with others who are experiencing a similar journey. With so many other items on the side of their desks, these busy professionals asked Volunteer Victoria for help. This is why:

Experience. Volunteer Victoria is Greater Victoria’s only volunteer centre. We have been helping volunteers and community since 1974

Expertise. Our staff are Victoria’s go-to experts on volunteering

The Problem. Planning Employer Supported Volunteering Events requires time, expertise, and connections

The Advantages. You would use your time more effectively, save money, and worry less if you had resources to support your vision

The Solution. Volunteer Victoria creates meaningful volunteering events for groups of 10 to 300 people

Product. We customize events, educate staff, take care of the logistics, provide event support, and evaluate the outcomes. 

Why Now? You want a volunteering event that aligns with your vision, ticks all your boxes and is easy and fun

Why Go the Extra Mile? You want an experience where staff learn, apply and grow their skills, and push their boundaries while connecting to community and doing good

The Price. Volunteer Victoria charges an annual fee of $1,000 to join the WE’VE Network. As members we will help you build an event, educate your staff, and create change. You will also have exclusive access to tools, training, resources, and volunteer management expertise.

Connect. It is easy to connect to tools and resources online 24/7 and to have access to professional volunteer managers and volunteer management tools when you need them. 

Benefits of the WE’VE Network
An annual membership in WE’VE includes:

  • Access to one to one support from professional volunteer managers to help you design your volunteer engagement projects
  • Logistic management – you create the vision and we manage the details so that you are free to take care of business not event details
  • A team of volunteer managers who can help your staff engage, connect, and represent your brand
  • Pre and Post visit volunteer engagement project evaluations and reports so that you know how your efforts are impacting your bottom line
  • A calendar of opportunities to make volunteer engagement planning easy and cost-effective
  • Access to a quarterly “Business Huddle” a unique gathering with your peers and guest speakers 
  • A volunteer manager at your service – year round
  • Access to online tools and resources for your managers and staff members

Inspire and Train Employees
Businesses spoke. We listened. You may need more help bringing your team on board. 

Volunteer Victoria offers an optional one-day training session for managers and/or employees. The training can be delivered to staff who are new to Employer Supported Volunteerism (ESV) or to staff who are experienced at ESV. The training provides an in-depth look at:

  • The Value of ESV
  • Guiding Principles of ESV
  • Successes, Challenges & Celebrations
  • Standards of Practice
  • Spectrum of Volunteer Engagement
  • Engaging with Non-Profits
  • Managing Expectations
  • Setting Goals
  • Site visits

 A one-day workshop costs $2,500.00 and is delivered by volunteer management specialists at a time and location that works best for you. The training can also be split over two half-day sessions.

Join the WE’VE Network

To join the WE”VE Network simply complete the online application. 

Once your membership in WE’VE is processed we will connect you and your managers or staff members with the online tools and resources, book a face to face meeting with you to explore your needs, and start planning a volunteer engagement event.

Your membership provides you with access to a range of resources. And, we are always here to help.

Questions? Please contact George@volunteervictoria.bc.ca or call 250.386.2269.