Welcome Youth Council Volunteers!

 Youth Council

Volunteer Victoria is pleased to welcome our new youth council volunteers to our social media team! The group first met in October to discuss how we could go about implementing social media as a part of our volunteer management and recruitment strategy. I was very impressed by the group’s insight and inventiveness, as well as their enthusiasm! This team had so many ideas to share, including offering input on everything from our current (and future) branding, to how we might more effectively manage our Facebook page. We are very lucky to have this group of talented volunteers helping us out with the social media project.


Comprised of seven members, the youth council will play an important role in the future of Volunteer Victoria’s social media project. As John and I’s contract ends in January, we will be passing the torch to the council. Some of the members will be acting as guest bloggers from time to time, reporting on exciting volunteer opportunities in the community, while other members will maintain the Facebook page and occasionally tweet about upcoming events. We look forward to continuing to build our social media presence with their help.

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