‘Tis the Season…

It seems hard to believe that the holiday season is almost upon us.  Each year, around this time, we notice an increase in phone calls from people wanting to know how they can volunteer.  The holidays are all about giving, so it is a natural time to think about helping others.  If you’ve been thinking about doing some volunteer work in preparation for, or during, the holidays we encourage you to start applying for positions now.

Did you know you can search for holiday volunteer opportunities under the position type called “Christmas Events” on our online database?  You might like to help Gorge Road Hospital decorate for Christmas, or wrap presents for shoppers at the mall on behalf of Burnside Gorge Community Association.  Perhaps you would like to pack food hampers for needy families, or sort and display donated toys at the Salvation Army.  Many volunteers every holiday season are also needed to gather donations into the Salvation Army’s red kettles. This year Point Ellice House needs help with their Christmas craft sale and tea.  Be sure to contact one of these agencies (or others, as they add volunteer positions into this category) as soon as possible to lend a hand.

“What about helping in a soup kitchen?”, you may ask. We know serving meals to our city’s homeless population is a popular activity that many families and individuals wish to do around this time of year.  However, since these types of volunteer positions need to be filled year round, we already have many dedicated volunteers who devote their time in this capacity each month of the year.  The reality is – and we are so fortunate to have this “problem” – that agencies who provide meals to the homeless usually already have the help they need for the holidays.

But, as I mentioned above, there are many other ways to give.  The non-profit organizations we work with need your skills during the holidays, and they need them every other month of the year too.  It is important to remember that the “spirit of giving” does not only have to be saved for the holidays.  You can give the gift of your time anytime of the year.  Check our database often to browse what’s available in the 31 other volunteer position type categories and call us if you need any help along the way.

In the meantime let us know:  What are your plans for holiday volunteering?

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