Connecting Volunteers

This article first appeared in Volunteer Victoria’s E-Link newsletter on August 26th, 2011. Sign up for E-Link and keep current with news and information from Volunteer Victoria.

The Ministry of Social Development recently announced additional funding for the Community Volunteer Supplement Program (CVS). The CVS program encourages people on income or disability assistance to volunteer by providing up to a $100 monthly supplement to offset volunteer expenses such as travel or clothing.

Applicants who were waitlisted on August 8th will have until October 31st, 2011 to submit a request for a CVS application – and all eligible applicants (an estimated 13,000 across the province) will be able to participate in the program.
New applicants are stepping forward at an exciting pace to explore their volunteer options and offer local non-profit agencies skills, experience, and commitment, and they are asking questions about their status and eligibility in the CVS program.

So, in addition to helping applicants find meaningful volunteer placements, volunteer coordinators may need to redirect potential CVS volunteers to the Ministry website at

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