Great Gingerbread Build

Volunteer Victoria StaffSome of the Volunteer Victoria staff who worked on the house. L-R Tara, Bonnie, Louise, John, Val, Nick and Lornna.

If you’ve walked into our office over the last month, you may have wondered where the sweet smell of candies and gingerbread were coming from. The answer is our meeting room! Yes, it was transformed into a sweet factory while we all worked together to create an entirely edible replica of our office building up on the 3rd floor of the Central Building downtown. upperview

One of our member agencies, Habitat for Humanity,  hosts the annual gingerbread building event to raise awareness to their vision of seeing a world where everyone has a safe and decent place to live.


You can drop by the Laurel Point Inn and vote for your favorite creation between 10am-4pm daily. The polls close on Jan. 4th and there are over 40 gingerbread creations to see!


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