Stepping into Volunteering

In July 2013, Volunteer Victoria’s Youth Program hosted the first Community Youth Leadership Summit! Part of the week was reflecting on volunteering, the community, and the Summit in the format of a blog post. Sara was one of our awesome participants who put her feelings, thoughts, and ideas into a great blog post for us to share with you! 

          When I first got interested in volunteering I was completely at a loss as to how I should go about getting involved, nor was I sure what kind of volunteer position I would be suited for so I definitely needed some help. Not knowing what else to do I went to my ‘best friend’ google, searching for ‘volunteering in Victoria’ Volunteer Victoria’s website was one of the first I visited and it quickly caught my interest with a section dedicated to helping youth volunteer. I decided to try getting in contact with the youth program and I got a response within a few days! Through email I set up a meeting, I was pretty nervous at first but once I stepped into the office everyone was really welcoming, within in a few minutes into the meeting my nerves had changed into excitement. It was in this meeting that I found out about the Youth Summit, it immediately had my interest because it would be a chance to learn, gain experience and meet other people interested in volunteering. Although I was spot on with all of that, the Summit exceeded my expectations in every way! Getting involved in the Youth Summit and Volunteer Victoria was definitely one the best decisions I’ve ever made. Now with everything I’ve learned and the support of both the friends I’ve made and that of everyone at Volunteer Victoria I will be stepping into the world of volunteering! Maybe I’ll see you there! 


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