Senior Leadership Journeys

The Victoria area has long been home to thousands of nonprofit and charitable organizations that have contributed hugely to making this a strong, vibrant and supportive community. Many of these associations are depended on senior volunteers willing to play leadership roles in organizing and governing them as well is in running programs and events for them.

Volunteer Victoria has partnered with the New Horizons for Seniors Program to hear from older people who have contributed to building these organizations.

Elders have a wealth of experience and knowledge that is of value to the next generation of community leaders. It is the goal of the “My Journey” project to capture your experiences and insights and pass it on to those coming up. To do this we are asking you to come forward and share your stories.

At a focus group gathering with other volunteers, we will ask you to do something a bit un-Canadian: Brag. If you are an adult over 55 and your life journey has included volunteering with a charitable or nonprofit organization, we would love to hear from you. Have you:

  • Organized a special event or fundraising campaign,
  • Started a new program or organization in your community,
  • Organized at any level activities in which you were the lead volunteer,
  • Chaired a committee or team,
  • Sat on a board of directors or held an officer positions on a board.

In the session you will meet with other older volunteers and a group facilitator and be invited to talk about leadership, lessons learned, and you own leadership journeys.

Once we have listened to the volunteering journeys of older adults, Volunteer Victoria will combine the stories and collective wisdoms to share with younger leaders and first time community builders, board members, and community champions.

This is a short-term activity requiring less than 3 hours of your time. The impact of your involvement will have ripple affect for 1000’s of leaders and organizations in Greater Victoria. Refreshments will be available.

Please Register to participate in our next focus session.

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