Volunteer Victoria Staff

The Volunteer Victoria team includes 3 full time staff members, 8 part-time staff positions, a contracted part-time accountant position, and more than 100 amazing volunteers. We provide programs and services to our community and pride ourselves on creating a welcoming, inclusive, and responsive environment.

Lisa Mort-Putland, Executive Director

Lisa joined the Volunteer Victoria team as Executive Director in June 2011. Lisa holds a B.A. in Drama and a Masters in Public Administration with a focus on non-profit management. Prior to working with Volunteer Victoria Lisa was the Development Manager for Big Brothers Big Sisters of Victoria and spent more than 25 years working and volunteering in the museum and heritage sector. Lisa is a member of the Board of Volunteer Canada. Lisa provides governance assistance to organizations and is often asked to speak at conferences, events, and celebrations. Lisa can be reached at lisa@volunteervictoria.bc.ca.

George Colussi, Manager of Membership, Training, and Outreach

George first joined the Volunteer Victoria team in January 2014 in membership services.  George continues to work with new and existing members, leads the youth volunteer services team who deliver presentations to individuals of all ages and support the activities and learning journey of the youth involved with our Youth Engagement Team, and oversees the delivery of our training program. As George puts it, “My work at Volunteer Victoria is a powerful privilege since it allows me to link daily with individuals and organizations that are undertaking transformational work in community”. George can be reached at 250-386-2269 X28 or at george@volunteervictoria.bc.ca

Betty Leitch, Volunteer Services Coordinator

Betty joined the Volunteer Victoria team in February 2017. Betty is a certified Volunteer Management professional with a history of managing successful volunteer program in Victoria and Winnipeg. Betty holds an undergraduate degree in Economics and a Master’s in Environmental Sciences. When Betty is not coordinating our E-Link Newsletter she can be found volunteering for her amazing quilting group, travelling, and spending time with family. Betty can be reached at betty@volunteervictoria.bc.ca

Volunteer Access and Mental Health Recreation Visiting Programs

Debbie Flint, Volunteer Access Program Coordinator

Debbie Flint joined Volunteer Victoria in June 2018 in the position of Access Program Coordinator. Debbie has worked as a specialist in mental health and substance use for more than 25 years.
You can reach Debbie at debbie@volunteervictoria.bc.ca.

Mary Ann Snowden, Mental Health Recreation and Visiting Program Coordinator

Prior to  joining Volunteer Victoria in May 2018, Mary Ann spent 25 years working for a Victoria-based not-for-profit where she held several positions at the senior management level. Her main area of responsibility included policy and program development and quality assurance. Mary Ann is a passionate and skilled paddler who has kayaked 100,000’s of kms.
Mary Ann can be reached at maryann@volunteervictoria.bc.ca

Corinne Mah, Outreach Coordinator

Corinne joined the Volunteer Victoria team in August 2014 as co-coordinator of the Volunteer Access Program. She is now the face of the Volunteer Access Program in community as our Access Outreach Coordinator. You can reach Corinne at corrine@volunteervictoria.bc.ca

Youth Engagement Workers

Emily Donald, Youth Engagement Worker

Emily moved back to Victoria in June 2019 after completing her undergraduate degree in Sociology at Dalhousie University in Halifax. As a Youth Engagement Worker Emily pursues her passion for working with youth of all backgrounds and abilities to reach their full potential. With her previous experience working with youth in Summer Camp settings and through various volunteer organizations in Halifax she has experienced first hand how rewarding and exciting it is to empower youth to make a difference! You can reach Emily at emily@volunteervictoria.bc.ca

Brock Gallagher, Youth Engagement Worker

Brock is the newest staff member of the Youth 20/20 Can Team in Victoria. Brock earned his undergraduate degree in History in 2014. Brock initially joined Volunteer Victoria in 2019 as a mentor figure with the program. As the year progressed since he joined, his passion for providing guidance for teens and young adults only grew. He also has experience volunteering with youths at Big Brothers Big Sisters of Victoria. From his experiences helping youths across the Greater Victoria region, Brock has developed a passion for helping anyone reach their goals and full potential. It is Brock’s mission to help empower the youth team to achieve any mission they set their eyes upon. Thanks to these experiences which Big Brothers and Volunteer Victoria have provided to Brock, he has seen firsthand how rewarding it is to help empower youth reach their goals and full potential! You can reach Brock at brock@volunteervictoria.bc.ca

Special Projects

Pooja Tole, Special Projects Coordinator

Pooja Tole joined the Volunteer Victoria team as a Co-op student in September 2019. Now, after graduating with a Master’s in Global Business, Pooja continues to work on special projects for Volunteer Victoria, including the Point In Time Count and the Pan Canadian Youth Volunteering Platform. You can reach Pooja at tracey@volunteervictoria.bc.ca

Admin Support

Sharon Bidner and Mike Grivel provide amazing admin support to the Volunteer Victoria team.