NewsFlash #59

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March 4th, 2010


Exercise AssistantThe Gorge Road Hospital is looking for volunteers to encourage their senior citizens to exercise with hand weights and Therabands.  You would need to be available on Friday mornings from 10:15 to 11:30.  If you would be interested, then contact Kathy at 2503708407 or e-mail

Young Parent Support Network: If you’d like a chance to volunteer in the evenings, then check out the Young Parents Support Network.  They are looking for child care leaders who would be able to spend time with the children and work with other staff and volunteers, taking care of snacks and clean-up.  If you like working with kids than this is the perfect volunteer job for you!  Sessions take place on Thursday evenings from 5:14-7:45 or on Friday mornings from 10:30-12:15.  For more information, contact Margo at 2503840552 or e-mail

Costume Maker: If you know how to sew and are interested in period clothing (1890-1908) then you might be just the person that the Craigdarroch Castle is looking for!  They need an adept tailor to help them, so if you can make skirts, bonnets, aprons, or vests then they would love to hear from you.  Some time should be spent at the castle in order to get a feel for the period and the time commitment is anticipated to be around 3 months.  For more information call Sheena, Nicole, or Jessica at 250-592-5323 ex 26 or e-mail

Canvasser: The Dogwood Initiative  is looking for canvassers to start spreading the message against Tankers from entering our ecosystem.  They will train you and provide free home-made snacks.  This is a great way to get involved with a good cause!  If you’d like to help out, contact Celine Trojand at 2503709930 ex 24 or e-mail

Symphony Volunteer: If you’ve got an interest in music then you might want to get involved with the Victoria Symphony’s youth volunteers.  They need volunteers to help out with their 3 Concerts for Kids throughout the year, taking part in arts and crafts, musical activities, or other events during the year. For more information contact Karen at

Scotiabank MS WALK Event: Help end multiple sclerosis.  Join the MS HOPE Volunteer Team on Sunday April 11th at beautiful Willows Beach Park to support the over 700 participants who are making their step the one that ends MS.  Lots of fun, short-term positions that you can do with friends are available for event weekend. Call/email Ashley at 250-388-6496 x 236 or to volunteer.


United Way – Youth Initiative Grants: Do you have a community project in mind? Apply to the United Way of Greater Victoria for an opportunity to receive up to $3,000 for youth led/focused projects. March 15, 2010 is the application deadline and you can download the application form and see the funding guide to see if you would like to apply! Good Luck!

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