Meet Marg

Meet Marg. Marg Munro is one of the longest serving volunteers at the Alzheimer Society of B.C.  She has been facilitating a support group on Salt Spring Island for all that time, providing caregivers of persons with dementia an opportunity to share their challenges and find others in similar circumstances, so that they feel less alone.  She supported her parents through this journey, coming to Salt Spring Island in the 70s to help her dad care for her mom.  She saw how her father was trying to manage on his own, without fully knowing about the disease and the toll it could take on a caregiver.  This was when she vowed that she would never let another person on this island start on that long lonely caregiver journey without some kind of help and support.  So, for the past 25 years, she has met weekly with caregivers to give them that safe space to share their experiences. 

For Marg, it’s about the kind of people who choose to live on an island – fiercely independent,  enjoying being part of a small community, away from the busy-ness of city life – and that she wants to contribute to creating a vibrant rural community.  She creates a sense of trust and safety in the participants and they benefit from knowing that, through Marg, they can be connected to a wider network of supports and services offered by the Alzheimer Society of B.C., the Family Caregivers of BC and other agencies.

Marg is a warm, vibrant person, and a model volunteer.  She continues to learn and develop her skills and talents.  She comes over to Victoria from the Island to attend every meeting and in-service training, and keeps abreast of the news and changes with respect to dementia and caregiving issues. 

On March 21, Marg was presented with the Governor General of Canada’s Sovereign’s Medal for Volunteers, to honour her contribution, caring and dedication to people of Salt Spring Island and to caregivers of persons with dementia for the past 25 years.  She was one of about 7 volunteers from across Canada to receive this honour.   We are so proud to count Marg in our volunteer team.  She is a great role model, and an inspiration to us as a Society.

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