Meet Joan

Meet Joan. Joan was born into a Manitoba farming family and moved to Victoria in 1985.  She has two children, four grandchildren and two great grandchildren.  Joan and her husband celebrated their 65th wedding anniversary in 2017. 

Joan has been a Sendial volunteer at the Quadra Store since 1994 and is currently a Shopper and assists with Co-Captaining.  She finds her experience and the Program to be enjoyable and worthwhile.  She likes meeting new people and values seeing and talking with customers, Store staff and the other volunteers.  Joan also enjoys baking, knitting and reading.  Joan volunteered at Lake Hill Elementary School from 1989-1992 as a classroom assistant and library reorganization assistant and for the Victoria Commonwealth Games as a dining room greater and seating assistant. In September, 2017, Joan became one of the recipients of the Valued Elder Recognition Award, given annually by the University of Victoria and the Eldercare Foundation.

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