Meet Erik


 Meet Erik. “It’s more than just being sympathetic to those in need – it’s about taking action.”
Erik graduated from the University of Victoria last June.  He describes his 4 years at university as “uniquely selfish” it was a time where he focused only on himself and his studies almost exclusively in order for him to do well in his studies.  After graduation he was looking to change that.   “I wanted to do more than feel compassion.  I wanted to actively find ways to help.”  Eric sees, with frustration, that those who are most vulnerable in society are often the ones most overlooked.   This frustration over the lack of food and home security for others,  led him to start volunteering at the Mustard Seed Food Bank.  “I help out with reception there.  I see that there is so much need there with very little time and manpower to do everything.  I’m sure I’m not the only one with this feeling of being only 1 person but wanting to be 12.”   

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