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Who is an “Emerging Leader”?

We see emerging leaders as generally late 20 to early 40-something individuals who are upwardly mobile in the nonprofit sector and are not already filling Executive Director or other high level leadership roles. Individuals who have progressively-responsible work experience underneath them and are looking to fill eventual leadership positions in the nonprofit sector are encouraged to join the Network. We expect that the majority of emerging leaders who participate in the Network will fall into the “Generation X” and “Generation Y” age ranges.

What if I’m a board member or volunteer in the nonprofit sector, not paid staff?

Individuals that have a significant volunteer connection to the sector and see themselves as an emerging leaders as described above are more than welcome to attend Network events.

What do you mean by “leadership positions”? Does that mean I have to want to become an Executive Director someday?

A large focus of the Emerging Leaders Network is helping emerging leaders learn about becoming an Executive Director of an organization, in order to address anticipated future vacancies in this role over the next several years. However, the Network also welcomes emerging leaders that have goals of reaching other leadership positions within the sector, e.g. board chair, board member, or a leader in a particular management area.

Network events show younger nonprofit professionals that there are many ways to be a leader within the sector and help them develop the skills needed to get there.


How can I sign up for the Emerging Leaders Network?

Connect with your peers and start RSVPing to Network events, contact Anabel today!

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