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      Volunteer Victoria is often asked“Who are the members of our Society?” The short answer is:

      • A society’s membership constantly changes as individuals or corporations join or leave the Society. The members of a Society do not make a financial investment in the organization nor do they receive income from the organization, but they are bound to support the stated purpose of the Society and members have rights and obligations under the BC Societies Act.
      • A person, corporation, or other legal entity may apply for membership to ANY publicly funded society. The Society must have rules regulating the conditions of membership (e.g. pay a fee,) how a person joins the membership (e.g. must apply in writing before the AGM,)  and leaves the membership (e.g. memberships expire after one year.)
      • A Society must keep a membership list. The membership list is an official record of the Society
      • Members must be invited to the Annual General Meeting and ANY meeting of the Society as a whole.
      • A member of a Society has the RIGHT to access any official record of the Society unless noted in the Bylaws. There are regulations in the BC Societies Act that dictates what records have to be kept and for how long.
      • The members of the Society appoint a Board of Directors to provide stewardship and oversight of the society. The board reports to the membership. Staff report to the board.
      • Staff cannot be voting members of a Society unless the Bylaws allow it.
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