Reply To: Mission and Purpose


Hello Betty and Lisa, Well, you’ve got me reading back into the history of this society, and I can see how society’s change over the years. What seems to have happened here is the educational portion of the program started in 2000, in partnership with U of Victoria. In 2011 Royal Roads joined this partnership, and in between numerous other not for profit, and profit partners. Camosun College is also now involved.
(I am not sure about confidentiality on this Lisa, so will not mention specifics here. – ? )

So, from this I see that the educational component is the number one priority of the society. The second priority of the group, the Awards Ceremony, came along in 2005, and I believe this is when the for profit companies joined in for goodwill and exposure. I don’t know if the 9 month program was always a part of the by-laws, or if it was instituted at a later date but prior to the Nov. 2016 filing. I do know that there is some controversy about this, as I find a quote on the history of the society in where it is highlighted that the society views the Awards as a mission-related community program, as opposed to a fundraiser!

I am also aware that the core planning committee who establishes the course material for the educational component of the program is in the middle of reviewing and revising their existing program offering. I also know the people working on the curriculum, as well as the individuals working directly with the students are totally dedicated, very passionate, and spend many, many hours of their own time volunteering for this society. Except for the Exec Dir and a few contract jobs, everyone is volunteer.

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