Reply To: Mission and Purpose


Thanks Vicki, love this conversation. There are often challenges when an ED resigns without planning/warning and a team of volunteers has to pick up the pieces and try to step into operations. It can be very challenging for volunteers and for boards to be everything to a Society in a time of significant change. And, participants expect a level of service, whether there is a volunteer team or a staff team in charge. They do not care if the organization is going through something challenging, they do care that they received the programs that they registered for. It does open up the Society to potential risks.

I also invite you all to think about the specific details of this society’s purpose “to run a 9-month learning program.” The Society was so committed to the 9-month period that they wrote it into their Bylaws. They did not make the duration of their learning program a policy or an operational standatd. They made it a Bylaw. Does anyone have any thoughts on that?

Cheers, Lisa

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