Reply To: Mission and Purpose



Our society is a member-funded not-for-profit, so we are a bit different. We do two essential things – provide professional support to our members (counsellors) and provide voluntary self-regulation over those members in their professional practice.

Our mission statement really captures only one aspect of our overall purpose:
Mission: Building the profession through accountable, well-resourced and supported counsellors.

However our purpose statement in our constitution is three-fold:
1. Developing and advocating for the profession of counselling
2. Regulating the professional practice of registered members
3. Maintaining an operational structure and infrastructure to support the foregoing fundamental purposes.

Because we are in a major change project – governance model and bylaws – we have transitioned this purpose as is for the new Act, but I think this is something we will need to revisit in the future. I think our mission is succinct and captures the essence of one side of our organization – professional association, but does only obliquely addresses the second purpose – through the “acccountable” element. I suppose “well-resourced” could refer to the third purpose, but again rather indirectly!

So, it’s a work in progress!

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