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Hello Again, welcome to Governance 101 Building Better Boards.

I grew up in Wales and moved to Canada more than 36 years ago. One of my favourite vacation spot remains the little villages of South Wales around the Gower where the sea is blue, the sand is yellow, and the grass is green. If you are very fortunate, you will not be wearing a very think jumper in August because it is freezing cold!

I am a serial board member. I must admit to being fond of boards with a small but skills staff – so they still need me to be a little hands on at a committee level . 3 boards at one time is my absolute limit!

12 years ago I completed part of my Masters in Public Administration online, and I have taught several courses online. But, I will admit that this the first time we have used this new learning management system, so I am a little nervous! I hope that we will create a space where we can have informative and rich dialogues online so we can bring governance to life. It is a little dull without the people stories!

Oh, and if you are wondering how to post an introduction, in very pale writing above the original post you will see “edit”, “trash” and “reply.” Hit reply and fill in the content box!

Looking forward to e-meeting you,

Cheers, Lisa

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