Eyes On Summer Events: Pacific Tattoo Music Extravaganza!

The following blog post was written by Graydon Leigh, a political science major at the University of Victoria. Graydon grew up in Port Coquitlam, BC and aspires to be a journalist. He is an avid hockey fan and is honoured to write about volunteerism in the Victoria community.

The Victoria Military Musical Festival Society is very proud to promote the Pacific Tattoo Music Extravaganza! They are seeking volunteers of all ages who want to participate in a dynamic and refreshing experience. Those that hold a passion for tattoos, or who want to learn more,  are encouraged to lend a hand, as their enthusiasm will be undeniably infectious.

If there is any confusion about what a tattoo is, do not mistake it for the body art that shares its name. However, both forms have one thing in common: Passion.

Performances include drum chord and brass bands, as tattoos are symbolic and indicative of military life. However, these festivals have grown to include a variety of performers ; for example, Chinese dancers have been included and will undoubtedly amaze.

Taking place from July 14th to the 15th at Bear Mountain Arena, the tattoo features a diverse array of performers. Running for 2 hours, it combines aspects of pageantry, music, dance, and comedy. The extravaganza is the biggest indoor show on the island in terms of cast size, all of whom contribute to a stirring event that makes for some good ol’ fashioned, toe tapping fun.  Many of these performers have entertained audiences at the famous Edinburgh Tattoo in Scotland, where the phenomenon grew in popularity.

What’s The Story Behind A Tattoo? The British Military used drummers from their garrisons to have taverns close their taps for the night at 10pm, so that soldiers could return to their barracks during 16th century battles in the Netherlands and Belgium. This innovative military practice birthed the entertaining performance method known as the tattoo.

Sponsored by Canadian Heritage, the Q, the Zone, Chek TV, and the local Times Colonist, among other fine organizations, the event oozes of history and rich tradition.

So far, 70 volunteers have signed up to assist in the proceedings through Volunteer Victoria. Pacific Tattoo is calling for volunteers to act as parking lot attendants, since the event is expected to host large audiences. A general meeting for all volunteers is expected shortly and will provide all participants with a chance to find their bearings among other friendly, fun-seeking individuals.

The tattoo truly adds to the interest of living in Victoria. While the event is in its infancy, being its’ first year, it promises to contribute to the inclusive sense of community advocated by members of the Greater Victoria community. Get in touch with your inner showman or woman, and involve yourself in a collaborative performance unlike any other.

I would like to thank Harry Martin for the knowledge and insight he provided for the completion of this post. My thanks to him and his passion for an event that is new to me.

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