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Funded by the United Way of Greater Victoria, the Youth Legacy Report 2015 explored motivations and barriers to volunteerism, and the ways that local youth connect with volunteer opportunities. The survey also identified local volunteering trends. Youth indicated that they:

  •  volunteer between 10 and 13 hours per month. Volunteers who  heard of Volunteer Victoria give on average 10% more time than those who have not
  • are motivated to give back to community, to develop skills, for personal satisfactions, to enhance resume, and to meet program requirements
  • are most interested in volunteering with youth/children, in health and wellness, with animals, arts and music, environment, and with people on a mental health or substance use journey. Youth were less interested in volunteering opportunity focused on social media and events
  • 44% of youth found out about events through media other than media – community notice boards, and school ranked highly

 Volunteering as a Stepping Stone for Marginalized Youth

This study explores the role that volunteering can play in job acquisition for ‘marginalized youth’, defined as individuals aged 15-29 who face barriers to employment. Youth unemployment is significantly higher than that of other age groups. Youth, having no work experience, face unique challenges in obtaining their first job. The intent of this study was to use the research results in creating a new volunteer work experience program and / or enhancing existing pre-employment programs. The ultimate goal is to increase youth employability in Greater Victoria.

Resource Guide for Employers Hiring Youth and Other Entry Level Employees: Resources and Tips for Employers

This two page guide provides contacts for recruiting employees, employment agencies that provide job coaching services for their clients, information on wage subsidies, HR tips for hiring and retaining youth, and HR resources. Download this valuable little resource now.


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