Benefits of Membership

Volunteer Victoria is here to help you succeed: We measure our success by your success

Volunteer Victoria plays a critical role in helping charities, non-profits, and community-based organizations deliver on their mandate by providing valued expertise and resources, including:

  • Voting rights;
  • Access to volunteer recruitment and referral services;
  • Access to short-term consultation services;
  • Access to fee for service opportunities (i.e. setting up a volunteer management program, program audit or redesign, and/or shared best practices etc.);
  • No cost learning and development opportunities exclusively for member agency staff and volunteers;
  • Reduced rates for training in all areas of non-profit and volunteer management;
  • Free Board Governance Orientation for new board members;
    Board Development Training for Member Agencies;
  • One-to-One support with the recruitment and referral of volunteers;
  • Training and support in the area of volunteer management;
  • Inclusion in annual Volunteer Recognition Week Promotions;
  • Volunteer opportunities posted in weekly media columns;
  • Ability to post your agency events/fundraising announcements in our bi-weekly e-newsletter (E-Link);
  • Bursaries to support education in volunteer management;
  • Access to an online Grant Database to help research and identify funding opportunities;
  • Access to research and resources such as salary scales and sector trends;
  • Access to our training room and use of our resource library.

To be eligible for membership in the Greater Victoria Volunteer Society agencies need to meet the following criteria:

  • Be a registered non-profit organization, a charitable organization or a publicly-funded institution (e.g. hospitals, schools, museums);
  • Have a governing board of directors;
  • Accept Volunteer Victoria’s policy statement on human rights and non-discrimination;
  • Comply with the Canadian Code for Volunteer Involvement;
  • Agree to designate an individual within your organization to coordinate volunteers;
  • Ensure that volunteers do not displace paid staff; and
  • Carry sufficient amounts and appropriate types of liability insurance to protect your volunteers.

Volunteer Victoria places the following limitations on requests for volunteers:

  • We will not take requests for volunteers for partisan political parties;
  • We will not take requests for volunteers that compromise the health, safety or well being of volunteers or the community; and
  • We reserve the right, at any time, to refuse a request for volunteers.

While we offer membership to non profit societies and charities, we also offer a wide range of services to for-profit organizations and businesses. 

To connect with our membership team please complete the following Enquiry Form.

Thank you for your interest in Volunteer Victoria!