Mission, Vision, Values

Providing leadership to the non profit community since 1974, Volunteer Victoria is the primary recruitment and referral centre for the Greater Victoria Region. Guided by the principles of civil society we enrich the quality of life in our community through volunteer involvement.

Volunteer Victoria’s mission is to inspire everyone to volunteer!

Our vision is that volunteering is a pillar in everyone’s life.

Volunteer Victoria’s core values and guiding principles inform how we achieve our mission and vision and the ways we  build and steward relationships with our communities of practice and partners.

Volunteer Victoria is committed to:

  • Building and sharing knowledge through the delivery of professional development, training, learning and networking opportunities, and specialized services and resources that advance the quality of volunteer programs and build capacity in the non-profit sector
  • Treating all members, volunteers, partners, staff and stakeholders with fairness, dignity, and respect
  • Providing welcoming spaces that embrace diverse ideas, knowledge, cultures, and experiences
  • Enhancing the quality of life for individuals and the wellness of communities through volunteerism

How Does Volunteer Victoria Help?

The Greater Victoria Volunteer Society, more commonly known as Volunteer Victoria serves our community through six core functions:


  • Volunteer Victoria matches individuals and groups interested in volunteering with opportunities across Greater Victoria
  • We manage information on a comprehensive range of local volunteer opportunities. The list of volunteer opportunities changes daily and exceeds 700 positions.
  • We provide free advising services to volunteers of all ages and stages of life so we can match them with the right type of volunteering opportunity. In 2015 we served more than 700 volunteers (face to face) and more than 3000 new volunteers registered online.
  • In 2015 we surveyed 564 local youth to better understand their successes and challenges. We provided advising services to more than 800 youth.
  • Our Volunteer Access Program and Recreation Visiting Program serves more than 135 people each year who are on a mental health or substance use journey.

Marketing and Promotions

  • We promote and market volunteering through local and regional events and media campaigns on a weekly basis. In 2015 more than 800 unique volunteer positions were listed in local newspapers, and on television and radio
  • Volunteer Victoria stimulates, encourages, and celebrates local interest in volunteering and community activity. In 2015 we celebrated more than 300 youth and provided them with Recognition Certificates

Emerging and Best Practice Development, Training and Development

  • Volunteer Victoria explores emerging practice and promotes best practice in working with volunteers to all volunteer involving organisations
  • We deliver training and certification for potential volunteers, volunteers, volunteer managers, and staff in voluntary organizations
  • Each year more than 1100 individuals participate in training opportunities. 54% of all training is offered at no charge
  • Volunteer Victoria host an Executive Directors Network and an Emerging Leaders Network to help peers connect, build and share knowledge, and to convene conversations, to develop partnerships and collaborations, and to explore opportunities

Develop Volunteering Opportunities

  • Volunteer Victoria works in close partnership with more than 300 voluntary organizations, municipalities, and public sector agencies as well as community groups and faith groups to develop local volunteering opportunities. We play an important role in in developing the quality of volunteering, not just in providing volunteers
  • We provide specific programs for youth aged 15 to 25, and for individuals on a mental health or substance use journey
  • When individuals face barriers to volunteering we work creatively to develop volunteer opportunities that meet their specific needs

Policy Development and Response 

  • Volunteer Victoria identifies proposals or legislation that may have an impact on volunteering or the voluntary community
  • We lead and/or participate in campaigns on issues that affect volunteers or volunteering
  • As the local experts on volunteering Volunteer Victoria informs strategic thinking and planning at a municipal and regional level

Strategic Consultation and Resources

  • Volunteer Victoria provides tools, resources, and consultation to the community on issues related to volunteer and non profit management
  • We host a library of books and resources on non profit management and have public spaces where members of the public can come to explore their volunteering options
  • We offer members access to Grant Connect – a fundraising database that helps organizations find grants
  • The Management Assistance Program provides short-term skilled volunteers to help with specific projects. In 2015 we completed 14 projects primarily focused on strategic decision making, governance, human resources, and program evaluation


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