Members and affiliates of Volunteer Victoria have access to the following benefits:

• Grant Database – As a member you have the access to our grant database To use this service, please make an appointment before come to our office, where we will set up a computer for you. Please call Volunteer Victoria reception at 250-386-2269 to make a booking.

• Volunteer Attract – Volunteer Attract (VA) is the platform we provide to members to post and manage their volunteer opportunities. After becoming a member, you will have 24/7 access to this platform. This is where people are able to search for opportunities, learn more about your organization, and apply for positions. Also, when people come in for advising appointments to look for volunteer opportunities, we educate them on how to navigate the database, and tell them about your organization based on the information provided in the database.

• Weekly Media Columns – The Weekly Media Column is a tool that we use to promote – in a short paragraph – a current volunteer recruitment opportunity that your organization might have. The column appears in the LIFE section of the Times Colonist every Tuesday under the banner “Volunteer Opportunities”. It also appears in numerous other local media outlets such as the Black Press, Saanich News, CTV two, VIHA, Monday Magazine, the Business Ads and Play in Victoria. 

• NewsFlash is a bi-weekly email sent out to our mailing list of over 1000 youth and/or educators. If you have any volunteer positions specifically suited for youth or are looking to recruit more youth to your organization, this is the benefit you want to take advantage of.

• Social Media – If you wish to post a volunteer opportunity or fun event on our social media platforms please let us know.

• Elink is our bi-weekly electronic newsletter that we publish every other Thursday. It is sent out to about 2,500 recipients across all Greater Victoria communities. It is a great tool to promote your organization and also learn about what is trending in the non-profit world. Anyone can sign up to receive E-link communications, but submissions to the newsletter are reserved for members only. 

• Website Display – To get a little bit more exposure for your organization, you can get your organization listed on VV’s website. 

• Discounted Training Opportunities – We offer free or low cost training opportunities to members. For each workshop, you normally will note a $20-$40 difference between the member and non-member pricing. 
• Brochure Display – Just drop or mail us 20-30 copies of your brochures and we will put them in our brochure racks for the public to peruse at their leisure.

• Volunteer Fair – We now offer multiple volunteer fairs each year. Members will be notified when the registration of a fair is open. 

• Free space – We are happy to give members access to our board room. This service depends on the availability of the room. Please call 250-386-2269 for booking. The room can hold 15 people nicely with a maximum of 20 people.

• Library – Feel free to browse through and borrow our collection of books on volunteer management and non-for-profit organizations.