Meet Pat


Meet Pat. For about two and half years, Pat took the same bus as a woman that worked at the Cool-Aid Society and they often chatted about the volunteer opportunities. Pat, whose wife is an outreach worker, was intrigued at the possibility of doing some volunteer work there.  Pat works in the vicinity of Rock Bay Landing and his heart went out to the people he often saw in the area struggling with life on the street.  Last spring, Pat decided to sign on as a volunteer.  He’s no stranger to giving of his time, Pat has worked as a volunteer firefighter for the past 40 years.  Volunteering has become a part of his life. “I’ve come to learn that giving a few hours of your time each week to help out in the community is by no means an onerous task.  I’ve met incredibly wonderful, interesting and unique people while volunteering for Cool Aid.  If you show a little kindness and understanding, it’s amazing how people will open up to you.  Everyone is very warm, friendly and thankful for the time you spend with them.”

During Monday to Friday, he is an operations manager for a local business.  Outside of work, he spends his time helping the community, providing a service and support for people in the community. “If you’re thinking of volunteering – do it. It’s very rewarding.”