Meet Mickey

Mickey Volunteer Victoria StoryMeet Mickey. This spry, 91-year-old widow and mother of three came to Victoria at the age of 18. Mickey was the first Bluebird Taxi dispatcher and is a founding member of the Cook Street Village Senior Centre. Mickey is an avid bridge player; she runs a bridge club and plays four times per week. At the complex where she lives, she swims 30 pool laps each morning and is a first responder for four other residents. While working at the Sussex Hotel, Mickey came to know many people who moved to Victoria, but who didn’t know what to do or where to go; and then discovered that she was “in her element” helping others. It was also there that the founders of the Sendial Program, Prue Cunningham and Alex Campbell, met and recruited Mickey to volunteer at the Fairfield Thrifty Foods store. Mickey had to give up volunteering for a while for health reasons but returned to the James Bay Thrifty Foods Store in 2012 where she became and still is a Friday Shopper. She volunteers because it helps others and because it is a “nice thing to do” and because of the fun rapport she has with her fellow volunteers. If you asked Mickey to convey one thing about being a Sendial Volunteer, she would say, “It makes me feel good!”