Meet Barb

Meet Barb.  This native Vancouver Islander spent 25 years working in retail management.  After being away for 30 years due to her husband’s work she was glad to return home.  Barb is always involved with something – she was brought up that way.  She became interested in Sendial because of a similar service her mother received in Ladysmith. 

Barb has been with Sendial for over seven years at the Broadmead Thrifty Foods Store and has performed many roles including shopping, phoning, order checking, Captaining, tracking volunteer hours and some training.  She looks forward to her Sendial day.  Barb feels the service is purposeful and she likes interacting with other volunteers, staff and customers.  She finds volunteering to be rewarding and fun.  Helping people and allowing them to remain independent longer gives her a good feeling.  She amusingly remembers a customer who always ordered frozen shrimp or prawns.  Barb contacted her on one occasion to find out what she really preferred and the customer conveyed that it didn’t really matter as she used it to feed the humming birds!