Meet Adam


Meet Adam. Finding a volunteer opportunity that is relevant to his university studies means a lot to Adam.  He’s a second year student at UVic studying Geography with a passion for environmental sustainability, bio-diversity and preserving our eco-system.  He currently volunteers for the Greater Victoria Green Team, which comprises of over 850 volunteers from various different ages and backgrounds. They collaborate with municipal groups and environmental advocacy organizations to help protect and preserve our environment. Outings for the Green Team consists of 5 -30 members coming together to do such tasks as remove invasive species, do restoration projects, and build fences.

Every experience is awesome, but my favourite place has been the City Harvest Co-Op farm.  It’s this old heritage home that has turned into a productive urban farm.  It’s an amazing place, self sustainable with bee hives and agricultural reserve status. They’re even growing things amongst old couches and straw.  And it’s right here in an urban part of Victoria. That’s so cool.  I’ve lived here all my life and that’s something that I wouldn’t have ever found on my own.”