Management Assistance Program Application

    The Management Assistance Program (MAP) connects local non-profit organizations to a community of volunteers who are executives and leaders with a wealth of talent, enthusiasm and expertise. Volunteers provide focused, high level and time-limited assistance to help organizations move forward with projects, planning, or complex decisions.

    Generally, MAP focuses on one-time advising services, short-term projects (4-6 weeks), or intermittent mentoring for longer term projects (up to 1 year in duration). Projects vary considerably depending on organizational needs. Project teams or individual volunteers work with organizations to ensure that projects build capacity and can be implemented with the resources that are available.

    - Working with you and your board around board development
    - Supporting you with a program review or assessing the viability of a service
    - Working with you to create a strategic plan
    - Reviewing existing systems and developing recommendations for upgrading
    - Working with you to explore options for a social enterprise

    Volunteers work collaboratively with your organization to confirm project scope and deliverables and then deliver the project as agreed. Their goal is to build capacity in your organization and ensure that projects can be implemented and maintained and are realistic given your unique situation.

    - Commitment to and understanding of the project by the Executive Director and Board
    - Commitment to work with MAP volunteers and to provide them with the resources they need (time, information etc) to complete the project.
    - A copy of your organization’s vision and mission, most recent annual report and financial statements (audited or not audited), and strategic plan (if available).

    To submit MAP project request please complete the following:

    Organization Name (required)

    Primary Contact (will usually be the Executive Director)(required)

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    Email (required)

    Type of organization (environmental, arts, social services, health etc.)(required)

    Number of Employees

    Description of Services

    Project Overview

    Name of Project

    Project Purpose

    Project Activities

    Expected Results of Project

    Benefit to Organization (include learning and legacy aspects of the project)

    Organizational resources available (staff capacity and other resources

    Requirement of the Management Assistance Program Volunteers (please note any specific requirements that you may have of project volunteers)

    General Information

    Please note any anticipated changes that may impact your organization or this project (new board, staffing changes, funding shifts, changes to programs etc.)

    Please tell us more about the level of organizational commitment and support for this project (board, staff, or volunteers)