Employer Supported Volunteerism

Employer-Supported Volunteerism (ESV) is just as the name suggests – it is employers supporting their staff to volunteer their time and skills to serve their community. This can take many forms – from providing staff with flex time for their volunteer activities to an annual team activity in which all staff participate. ESV might also involve recognition of volunteers in the company newsletter, an Adopt-an-agency program, or something as simple as posting community volunteer opportunities on your staff notice board. In short, it can be a one-time event, or an ongoing commitment. It’s up to you!

ESV programs are on the rise, and an excellent way for businesses to combine strategic goals with employee development, retention and satisfaction. By being involved, you also help to strengthen your local community and demonstrate your leadership as a ‘caring company’.

Supporting your employees’ volunteer activities makes a powerful business statement – it says that you want to make a difference. By getting involved you can:

  • Provide your staff with valuable, cost-effective professional development opportunities and a chance to learn new skills
  • Enhance the reputation and public image of your business
  • Improve staff retention and enhance employee morale
  • Strengthen relationships with your clients and other stakeholders
  • Expand your networks which can lead to increased business opportunities

You don’t have to be a large company to benefit from this investment in your staff.

“Employer Supported Volunteerism builds stronger relationships within the branch and company – everything we do is about teamwork and relationships in our business.” HR Manager, Sierra Systems, Victoria

“The benefits are immeasurable – you get what you give – it is not just about the money, or the bottom line, nor should it be.” Regional Director, Investors Group

“It is not just about the bottom line, it is more about camaraderie, teamwork and coming together for a common purpose.” Director of Human Resources, WCG International

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