Emerging Leaders Network

The Emerging Leaders Network (ELN) is for individuals currently working in the sector, who have between one and six years’ experience working in local nonprofit organizations. This Network also supports individuals who want to become volunteer leaders in some aspect of the non-profit sector (ie. board member, board chair, mentor, etc.). If you want to advance your career or be a leader in the non-profit community, this Network is for you!

The ELN was created in May 2009 to help address emerging leadership gaps due to changes in the non-profit sector and retirement of the baby boomers. Members network with peers in the sector and learn about non-profit sector management and leadership – whatever leadership looks like to our members – with a particular focus on the role of the Executive Director.

We encourage newer Executive Directors to join the ELN to take advantage of the support and learning our group provides as you get comfortable in your new leadership role.

To become part of this group, contact Betty and ask to be added to the Emerging Leaders Network connection list Or ask to join the Facebook group .

Come and celebrate yourself, and your new year’s resolutions with us and connect with heart-centered, inspiring emergent leaders!

  • Meet and have the opportunity to build business relationships with like-minded young leaders in a community where supporting one another professionally is the main focus.
  • Join a growing community of emergent leaders with a desire to connect, learn, collaborate and create a remarkable future for themselves and the generations to come.
  • Find out that business is never just about business and meet some new friends as well as business colleagues.
  • Participate in a special interactive workshop with Anna Harvey – Creating the Brand of You.

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Call for ELN Advisory Members

The Emerging Leaders leadership and Volunteer Victoria are looking for two more Emerging Leaders Advisory Members. The Advisory Committee is in place to support the vision of the ELN, and to advise on the direction, delivery and content of the network activities. The committee meets 3-4 times per year and each member commits to coordinating at least one ELN event per year. We are looking at re-energizing the network and your challenge, should you choose to accept it, is to help us do just that!

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Yasmin joined the Emerging Leaders Network when it was first envisioned by Volunteer Victoria in 2009. With job descriptions for executive director positions spread out in front of her, she easily finds workshops that cover some of the skills she is lacking. “If I want to know something, and think it would be a good thing to know to become a leader in this sector,” she says, “I have been able to access it through the Network… This is how I have directed my efforts.”

While Yasmin doesn’t currently work in the non-profit sector, she remains involved with several non-profits as a volunteer. She just completed her first year on a board of directors, something she says she wouldn’t have taken on if not for the ELN.

Liz Hallett, a fundraiser for Power to Be Adventure Therapy – a non-profit that inspires youth and families to discover their abilities through nature-based programs – is also an ELN member. She and Yasmin sit on the advisory committee and are also ELN’s social co-chairs. Even though Liz has a very busy schedule, one of the things she has not cut back on is her involvement with the ELN. “It really speaks to the value of the [ELN] that of all the things I chose to stick with, it was being involved in the Network,” she says. Joining the ELN has proven beneficial at work. “I’m a lot more confident in being able to assert myself in the workplace,” Liz says. “I’ve learned a lot…including that I’m not the only one going through certain challenges.”

You don’t have to covet that executive director role to gain the benefits. “[The ELN] just underscores the idea that you can lead from anywhere in an organization,” Yasmin says. “You can contribute in much greater and more positive ways to the organization that you work for if you continue to work on yourself.” Yasmin continues, “I’m just really glad that the network exists. What it’s doing and providing for younger professionals was so needed and so lacking.”

Yasmin knows that non-profits need to work together. “We make magic with limited resources and time,” she says. “Anything that makes that easier and facilitates that is excellent.”