Causes to Consider

1 Up Victoria Single Parent Resource Centre 602 Gorge Rd. East Victoria, BC V8T 2W6 Ph: (250) 385-1114 Provides support and counselling for single parents.


Abbeyfield House St. Peters Society 1133A Reynolds Road Victoria, BC V8P 2K5 Ph: (250) 479-6140 Provides elderly men and women who do not require institutional care with friendship, comfort and security while preserving a degree of privacy and independence.

Aberdeen Hospital 1450 Hillside Victoria, BC V8T 2B7 Ph: (250)370-5645. To provide extended care hospitals.

Action Committee of People with Disabilities 948 View Street Victoria, BC V8V 3L5 Ph: (250) 383-4105 Promotes awareness, acceptance and understanding of the issues and problems facing people with disabilities. Activities include public advocacy, individual advocacy and the consumer card program.

AIDS Vancouver Island (AVI) 3rd floor – 713 Johnson Street Victoria, BC V8W 1M8  Ph: (250) 384-2366 AIDS Vancouver Island serves the needs of people infected and affected by HIV and hepatitis C. We take evidence-based action to prevent infection, provide support and reduce stigma.

Alzheimer Society of BC 202-306 Burnside Road W, BC V8Z 1M1 Ph: 250-382-2052 Purpose is to alleviate the personal and social consequences of Alzheimer’s disease and related dementias, to promote public awareness and to search for the causes and the cures..

Anawim Companions Society 973 Caledonia Ave Victoria, BC V8T 1E7, Ph: (250) 382-0283, Email: The purpose has been to empower people to embrace life since 1991. They do this by providing two programs: drop-in and residential. They offer a safe and sober home where people can find hope and get their needs met via various self-enriching programs, meals, showers, laundry facilities and people to talk to.

Art Gallery of Greater Victoria 1040 Moss Street Victoria, BC V8V 4P1 Ph: (250) 384-4171 The purposes of the Art Gallery is to enliven and enrich the human spirit through the visual arts. In addition to the gallery, services include the gallery gift shop, art rental / sales program, library and facility rentals. They also have programs from docents who help with the exhibits to the gallery-in-the-schools.

Artemis Place Society 3020 Richmond Rd Victoria, BC V8R 4V1 Ph: (250) 598-5183 Provides academic, life skills and counselling support to girls who have not been successful in regular schools, and provides child care for teen mothers.

(The) Arthritis Society 2nd Floor- 2680 Richmond Road, Victoria, BC V8R 4S9. Ph: (250) 519-4002. Provides leadership and funding for research, advocacy and solutions to improve the quality of life for Canadians affected by arthritis.

artsREACH Unit 10 – 909 Carolwood Drive Victoria, BC V8X 3T9 Ph: (778) 678-6282 Provide free theatre and visual arts workshops to public elementary and middle schools, to educate, support and inspire individuals to effect positive change within the community.


Ballet Victoria PO Box 5023 Victoria, BC V8R 6N3 Ph: (250) 380-6063 Purpose is to support the endeavours of Ballet Victoria by providing a professional venue for Vancouver Island dancers. This includes performances of classic, contemporary, children’s and original works. Check our Community Outreach link for Special Programs.

Baptist Housing Victoria 1968 Bee Street, Victoria BC. V8R 6P5. Ph: (250) 208-8874 Email: Includes the facilities of Marrion Village, Shannon Oaks, and The Heights at Mount View. They provide exceptional holistic care while assisting seniors to experience life well in supportive communities.

Bayanihan Cultural and Housing Society 1709 Blanshard Street Victoria, BC V8W 2J8 Ph: (250) 472-1898 The home of Canadians of Filipino ancestry in Victoria, British Columbia. Operates a community centre that provides education, support services for seniors,  new immigrtants, caregivers and skilled workers. Also providing cultural programs, and pursuit of creative interests and recreational activities for the general public.

BC Association of Clinical Counsellors 204-780 Tolmie Avenue Victoria, BC V8X 3W4 Ph: (250) 595-4448 To regulate and promote the professional practice of Registered Clinical Counsellors in British Columbia.

BC Aviation Museum 1910 Norseman Road Sidney, BC V8L 5V5 Ph: (250) 655-3300 Organization is dedicated to the preservation of aircraft and aviation artifacts and seeks to create and maintain a dynamic museum for the education and enjoyment of the community.

BC Cancer Agency – Vancouver Island Centre 2410 Lee Avenue Victoria, BC V8R 6V5 Ph: (250) 519-5669 Outpatient treatment facility for adult cancer patients.

BC Housing Management Commission 201-3440 Douglas Street Victoria, BC V8Z 3L5 Ph: (250) 978-2918 To house vulnerable people including the homeless and those at risk of homelessness.

BC Schizophrenia Society (Victoria Branch) 941 Kings Road Victoria, BC V8T 1W7 Ph: (250) 384-4225 Provide understanding and support for those whose lives have been touched by schizophrenia.

BC SPCA Wild ARC 1020 Malloch Road Victoria, BC V9C 4G9 Ph: (250) 478-9453 Purpose is to provide humane care to injured, orphaned, sick and distressed wildlife based on established rehabilitation standards and the animal’s natural history.

BeYouPromise.Org (Formerly Canada’s Temperance Foundation) #703-1803 Douglas Street Victoria, BC V8T 5C3 Ph: (778)-746-7799 Educates Canadians on the benefits of temperance – defined as habitual moderation or restraint in the use of alcohol and/or drugs. The Foundation acts on its mission through the delivery of proactive educational outreach programs, media campaigns, & strategic partnerships with individuals/groups/organizations.

Beacon Community Services 10030 Resthaven Drive Sidney, BC V8L 3G4 Ph: (250) 656-5537 Helping people – Improving lives. Providing care and support to thousands of clients on southern Vancouver Island and the outer Gulf Islands, through a wide range of programs and services – including health, children and family, training and employment, recreation, housing, and volunteer services.

Beckley Farm Lodge 530 Simcoe Street Victoria, BC V9V 4W4 Ph: (250) 381-4421 Intermediate Care Facility.

Better Business Bureau 220 – 1175 Cook Street Victoria, BC V8V 4A1 Ph: (250) 386-6348 Maintain ethical business standards. Services are used by both business and customers.

Big Brothers & Big Sisters of Victoria 230 Bay Street Victoria, BC V9A 3K5 Ph: (250) 475-1117 To provide children (aged 7 to 17) with volunteer mentors (aged 15+) who serve as role models and teach by example the importance of giving and giving back, staying in school, and having respect for family, peers and community.  Mentoring can take place in the school or in the community.

Blanshard Community Centre 901 Kings Road Victoria, BC V8T 1W5 Ph: (250) 388-7696 To nurture community well-being by providing services and programs to meet social, educational, health, employment, environmental and recreational needs of the Blanshard community in a safe and welcoming environment.

Boys and Girls Club Services of Victoria 301-1195 Esquimalt Rd Victoria BC V9A 3N6 Ph: (250) 384-9133 Offers a variety of social, educational, and recreational programs and services for children and youth from age 5-19. Also provide school-based youth and family counselling, youth outreach and self-help support groups for parents of teens.

Bridges for Women Society 1809 Douglas Street Victoria, BC  V8T 4K5 Ph: (250) 385-7410 Provides women with a history of abuse and trauma support in finding employment, leading to financial independence and self-sufficiency through group workshops and/or 1:1 sessions.

Broadmead Care Society 4579 Chatterton Way Victoria, BC V8X 4Y7 Ph: (250) 658-0311 A non-profit organization that provides housing, social and health services for vulnerable adult populations in Greater Victoria. We serve seniors, veterans and people with disabilities who require assistance to live their lives as fully and meaningfully as possible.

Burnside Gorge Community Assoc. 471 Cecelia Road Victoria, BC V8T 4T4 Ph: (250) 388-5251 To enhance the quality of life and environment of Burnside Gorge community.


Camosun College- Student Employment Services 3100 Foul Bay Road Victoria, BC V8P 5J2 Ph: (250) 370-3420 Provides one-on-one coaching for students, alumni for employment search and readiness.

Canadian Blood Services 3449 Saanich Road Victoria, BC V8X 1W6  Ph: 1-888-332-5663 Agency is the guardian and steward of Canada’s blood supply and has the responsibility for recruitment, screening and retention of blood donors.

Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation 300-1090 West Pender Street, Vancouver BC V6E 2N7 Ph: 1-800-561-6111 Purpose is to fundraise for breast cancer research, treatment and education. The Foundation’s signature event is the CIBC Run for the Cure, which takes place at UVic in mid-October.

Canadian Cancer Society 101 – 1537 Hillside Ave Victoria, BC V8T 2C1 Ph: (250) 592-2244 A national volunteer based organization working for the eradication of cancer and the enhancement of the quality of life of people living with cancer.

Canadian College of Performing Arts 1701 Elgin Road Victoria, BC V8R 5L7 Ph: (250) 595-9970 Offers quality training in a broad spectrum of skills which will prepare students for careers in the performance arts locally, nationally or internationally.

Canadian Red Cross Society 909 Fairfield Road Victoria, BC V8V 3A3 Ph: (250) 382-2043 Health services, equipment loan, emergency programs (during disasters), fun and fitness for seniors, Red Cross youth, water safety, tracing and reunion (for individuals in disaster area.

Capital City Volunteers 547 Michigan Street Victoria, BC V8V 1S5 Ph: (250) 388-7844 ext. 310. Provides outreach and volunteer supports within the Municipality of Victoria (with the exception of James Bay) to seniors and adults with disabilities that will allow them to continue living in their own homes for as long as possible. Some eligibility criteria may apply.

Central Saanich Senior Citizens Association 1229 Clarke Road Brentwood Bay, BC V8M 1A9 Ph: (250) 652-4611 To provide a broad range of programs, services, activities and special events for the 50+ residents of Central Saanich.

CFUV 101.9 FM PO Box 3035, University of Victoria, BC V8W 3P3 Ph: (250) 721-8702 Victoria’s campus community radio station.

Child Find BC 208 – 2722 Fifth Street Victoria, BC V8T 4B2 Ph: (250) 382-7311 Dedicated to reducing the incidence of missing and exploited children.

Children’s  Health  Foundation of Vancouver Island  2390 Arbutus Road Victoria BC V8N 1V7 Ph: 250-519-6977 Email: Thanks to the support of the community, Children’s Health Foundation raises funds to improve the lives of Island children living with disabilities and health challenges. This year, the Foundation has invested more than $2.25 million in programs, including Jeneece Place and the West Shore and Sooke Child, Youth, and Family Centres.

CHOICES Adoption & Counselling 100 – 850 Blanshard Street Victoria, BC V8W 2H2 Ph: (250) 479-9811
Purpose is to find families for children locally and globally, as well as to offer professional and adoption services to expectant parents, adoptive parents and children.

ChoirKids Ph: 250-818-4751 To establish children’s and youth choirs in communities where children and youth may not have opportunities to participate in choral music.

CNIB 2340 Richmond Road Victoria, BC V8R 4R9 Ph: (250) 595-1100 Counseling and rehabilitative services for the blind.

Communica: Dialogue & Resolution Services Society 102-2220 Sooke Street Sooke, BC V9B 0G9Ph: (250) 383-4412 Mediation and reconciliation.

Community Arts Council of Greater Victoria Arts Centre, 3220 Cedar Hill Road Victoria, BC V8P 3Y3 Ph: (250) 475-7123 Support and information for arts organization

Community Social Planning Council  203 – 4475 Viewmont Ave Victoria, BC V8Z 6L8 Ph: (250) 383-6166 Brings individuals and groups together to tackle issues affecting the community. These meetings bring a better understanding of the issues and identify the most effective course of action. The discussions also raise awareness and educate through statistics and community surveys.

Community Living Victoria 3861 Cedar Hill X Road Victoria, BC V8P 2M7 Ph: (250) 477-7231 Vocational training and residential homes program for developmentally disabled adults.

Community Options for Children and Families 1595 Bay St., Victoria V8R 2B5 Ph: (250) 380-6363 Provides quality support services and information to people in the community who have developmental disabilities.

Compost Education Centre 1216 North Park Victoria, BC V8T 1C9 Ph: (250) 386-9676 Educating the public about composting.

Cook Street Village Activity Centre Suite 1-380 Cook St Victoria, BC V8V 3X7 Ph: (250) 384-6542 Cook Street Village Activity Centre (Formerly Fairfield Activity Centre) a non-profit organization offering social, educational and recreational activities for persons of all ethnic and cultural backgrounds 18+ years of age.

Craigdarroch Castle 1050 Joan Crescent Victoria, BC V8S 3L5 Ph: (250) 592-5323 Historic house museum owned by City of Victoria, which has a mandate to preserve and restore the building, welcome visitors, inform them of the life and times of the Dunsmuir family and the history of the house.

CRD Parks 490 Atkins Avenue Victoria, BC V9B 2Z8 Ph: (250) 478-3344 Protect a network of regional parks and trails and provide opportunities for outdoor experiences that foster respect for the natural environment.

Creatively United for the Planet Society 474 Nelson Street Victoria, BC V9A 6P4 Ph: (250) 383-0206 To inspire environmental awareness and community through creativity.

Cridge Centre for the Family 1307 Hillside Ave Victoria, BC V8T 0A2 Ph: (250) 384-8058 Daycare and summer programs for children, including children with disabilities. Support for families.

Cridge Transition House for Women Confidential Victoria, BC Ph: (250) 479-3963 Transition House provides shelter and counseling to women who are victims of abuse, and to their children.

Cystic Fibrosis Canada 131 Denison Road Victoria, BC V8W 3S2 Ph: (250) 721-3822 Works to raise funds to support CF research for a cure, to provide supplementary funding to support the Vancouver Island CF medical clinic, and to provide support and advocacy to families affected by CF.


(The) Didi Society 3-117 Medana Street Victoria, BC V8V 2H6 Ph: (778) 440-0283 To improve the lives of women and children through empowerment and support. Educate and raise awareness of social justice issues and promote alternative economy based on solidarity (fair, direct trade).

District 69 Society of Organised Services PO Box 898 Parksville, BC V9P 2G9 Ph: (250) 248-2093 To care for people by offering services and resources not otherwise adequately provided within District 69.

Saanich Parks – Pulling Together Volunteer Program 1040 McKenzie Avenue Victoria, BC V8P 2L4 Ph: (250) 475-5539 Purpose is to restore and maintain identified sites of Garry Oaks to healthy functioning ecosystems. The Restoration Project is designed to introduce and educate residents of the area about the value of Garry Oak ecosystems and ecological restoration.

Division Of Continuing Studies, University Of Victoria Mailing address: PO Box 3010 STN CSC Victoria, BC V8W 3N4 Ph: (250) 721-6603 The University of Victoria has a legislated obligation to provide a program of continuing education in all academic and cultural fields. The role of the Division of Continuing studies is to support this obligation by providing adult and continuing education programming in co-operation with all faculties and many community partners.

Dogwood Initiative PO Box 8701 Victoria, BC V8W 3S3 Ph: (250) 370-9930 Purpose is to help people change the balance of power to create healthy, prosperous communities. The main activitiy is to help communities and the First Nations gain more control of the land and resources around them.


Early Music Society of the Islands Box 5577 Victoria, BC V8R 6S4 Ph: (250) 882-5058 To present concerts featuring internationally renowned soloists and ensembles as well as accomplished local musicians featuring period instruments, accurate scores, and historical performance practices.

Education is Power Mailing address #5-5177 William Head Road Victoria, BC V9C 4H5 Ph: (250) 888-9556 Exists to advance education & develop infrastructure in Africa & in particular, Kenya & Tanzania.

Elizabeth Buckley School / Hands On Summer Camp 1309 Hillside Ave Victoria, BC V8T 2B3 Ph: (250) 995-6425 Email: An independent elementary and middle school that promotes literacy in the STEAM subjects (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Math). Education at EBS is personalized to allow for many learning styles. Classrooms are inclusive places where children with special needs are supported to learn alongside their peers. During the summer, we run educational day camps.

Ensemble Laude Women’s Choir Email: Victoria’s premier choir for female voices. Under the artistic direction of Elizabeth MacIsaac, the 45 voice choir performs innovative multi-cultural, medieval,​ and modern compositions that inspire audiences through exquisite harmonies.

Epilepsy and Parkinson’s Centre 202 – 1640 Oak Bay Ave. (at the corner of Morrison Street) Victoria, B.C. V8R 1B2 Ph: (250) 475-6677 Services and support for people with Epilepsy or Parkinson’s Disease and their families.

Esquimalt Neighbourhood House 511 Constance Avenue Victoria, BC V9A 6N5 Ph: (250) 385-2635 Support and information services for families in the Vic. West, Esquimalt and View Royal areas.

Esquimalt Parks & Recreation 527 Fraser Street Victoria, BC V9A 6H6 Ph: (250) 412-8500 Provides municipal parks and recreation services to the community of Esquimalt

Esquimalt Volunteer Services 527 Fraser Street Victoria, BC V9A 6H6 Ph: (250) 412-8556 To provide 1-1 volunteer driving to medical appointments, home visits, reading, writing, shopping, and free income tax preparation for Esquimalt Residents in March and April.


Fairfield Community Association 1330 Fairfield Road Victoria, BC V8S 5J1 Ph: (250) 382-4604 To promote community involvement in the Fairfield area.

Family Caregivers’ Network Society 526 Michigan Street Victoria, BC V8V 1S2 Ph: (250) 384-0408 Purpose of the socity is to inform, support and represent family caregivers in the Capital Regional District. Activities include workshops, support to family caregivers through monthly meetings, bi-monthly newsletter, a resource centre, referral information and advocacy.

Family Services of Greater Victoria 899 Fort Street Victoria, BC V8W 1H6 Ph: (250) 386-4331 Provide counseling, support, information & referral to people of all ages affected by separation, divorce or family reorganization.

Fernwood Neighbourhood Resource Group 1240 Gladstone Avenue Victoria, BC V8T 1G6 Ph: (250) 381-1552 To provide community services in the Fernwood area.

The First Open Heart Society of BC 1580 Pembroke Street, Victoria, BC V8R 1Y2 Ph: (250) 595-2123 To support heart/cardiovascular patients and their families.

For the Love of Africa Society 813 Claremont Ave Victoria, BC V8Y 1J9 Ph: (250) 891-0162 To reach out with love and compassion to people in need in Africa through hands-on personal involvement.

Friends of Music Society 2328 Trent Street Victoria, BC V8R 4Z3 Ph: (250) 952-5114  Provides rehabilitation and socialization, and develops creative job strategies for people with mental illness (has music program and Society Press publishing).

Friends Uniting for Nature Society  PO Box 78002 RPO Grandview Vancouver BC V5N 5W1 Ph: (250) 380-8615 To inspire youth into action and increase environmental education in Victoria and Vancouver


Garry Oak Ecosystems Recovery Team Society  PO Box 38026 Victoria, BC V8W 3N2 Ph: (250) 383-3224 To establish a network of Garry Oak and associated ecosystem sites and linkages. Improve and secure the status of all species at risk in Garry Oak and associated ecosystems in Canada so they are no longer at risk of extinction.

George Pringle Memorial Camp  PO Box 45001, 100-180 Wilson Streeet Victoria, BC V9A 0C3 Ph: (250) 472-6877 Provides summer camps for children, youth, families, parents & children, adults & Seniors and Leadership Development.

Glengarry Hospital Site, VIHA 1780 Fairfield Road Victoria, BC V8S 1G7 Ph: (250) 370-5707 Extended care hospital.

Glenshiel Housing Society 606 Douglas Street Victoria, BC V8V 4G9 Ph: (250) 383-4164 To provide affordable, supportive housing for seniors 55+.

Glenwarren Lodge 1230 Balmoral Avenue Victoria, BC V8T 1B3 Ph: (250) 383-2323 Extended care, personal care and private care for seniors.

GoodLife Fitness Victoria Marathon Box 675, 185-911 Yates Street Victoria, BC V8V 4Y9 Ph:(250) 658-4520 Purpose is to host a first class international running event and help to raise funds for local charities.

Gorge Road Hospital Site, VIHA 63 Gorge Road East Victoria, BC V9A 1L2 Ph: (250) 370-8407 Extended care and rehabilitation services for all age groups in a long term care facility. GRH offers specialized rehabilitative and long term care services, helping amputees, stroke and brain-impaired, neurological and arthritis patients.

Greater Victoria Bike to Work Society Box 8837 Victoria, BC V8W 3SC Ph: (250) 920-5775 Orgnanises and runs the annual Greater Victoria Bike to Work week.

Greater Victoria Coalition to End Homelessness Society 2nd Floor, 941 Pandora Ave Victoria, BC V8V 3P4 Ph: (250) 370-1512 Purpose is to end homelessness in Greater Victoria.

Greater Victoria Down Syndrome Society PO Box 35082 Victoria, BC V8T 5G2 Ph: (250) 479-7450 Purpose is to improve the lives of people who have Down Syndrome and those of their families. To promote inclusion, community living, and better understanding of Down Syndrome. Provides educational opportunities to the membership and community related to Down Syndrome.

(The) Greater Victoria Festival Society Mailing address: PO Box 35107 RPO Hillside, Victoria, BC V8T 5G2 Ph: (250) 382-3111 The Greater Victoria Festival Society exists to annually organize & deliver two large scale parades – the Santa Claus Parade & Island Farms Victoria Day Parade – for the enjoyment of all residents & visitors in Greater Victoria.  Its mandate can be summarized by saying that the GVFS work very diligently – through its event delivery – to engage locals & tourists in fun & laughter while assisting local charities throughout the Greater Victoria area.

Greater Victoria Green Team Mailing Address: 1123 Bay Street Victoria BC V8T 1S4 Ph: (778) 677-9078 To conserve & restore the environment through hands on and educational activities including: invasive plant removals, planting native trees & shrubs, and cleaning up shorelines.

Greater Victoria Housing Society 1 – 772 Bay Street Victoria, BC V8T 5E4 Ph: (250) 384-3434 Dedicated to providing affordable rental housing in Greater Victoria.

Greater Victoria Performing Arts Festival PO Box 32015, 3651 Shelbourne Street Victoria, BC V8P 5S2 Ph: (250) 386-9223 Organization arranges, promotes and carries out adjudicated festivals for students in music and the performing arts, as well as other activities that further the development of artistic skills, appreciation of the arts and the pursuit of excellent in the arts.

Greater Victoria Police Victim Services 850 Caledonia Avenue Victoria, BC V8T 5J8 Ph: (250) 995-7351 Services to victims of crime: provide liaison with police and other agencies in the criminal justice system; referral to helping agencies; assistance with an explanation of the court process; case information; personal support and assistance.

Greater Victoria Public Library 735 Broughton St Victoria, BC V8W 3H2 Ph: (250) 413-0370 GVPL’s mission is to build community and support literacy and lifelong learning by providing free access to information, space, tools and expertise. They provide services to 11 libraries and through our website to almost 300,000 residents in 10 municipalities. Each branch offers community-driven programs, services, an exceptional collection and lifelong learning opportunities for every age and every stage of life.

Greater Victoria Sports Hall of Fame 100-4636 Elk Lake Drive, Victoria BC V8Z 5M1 Ph: (250) 213-2669  To recognize and celebrate the outstanding performances and contributions of athletes, teams, builders and officials from Greater Victoria who have brought distinction to themselves, their sport, community and country.

(The) Greater Victoria Women’s Shelter Society (GVWSS) Ph: (250)-995-0058 Email: As a registered charitable organization, they provide supportive housing for women & their children.  Their current central program is Margaret Laurence House which provides second stage housing & support for women & their children leaving abusive relationships.


Habitat Acquisition Trust PO Box 8552 Victoria, BC V8W 3S2 Ph: (250) 995-2428 Promotes the preservation of the environment through the conservatio of habitats on Southern Vancouver Island and the Southern Gulf Islands. Activities include habitat protection and outreach to land owners and the public.

Habitat for Humanity – Victoria 849 Orono Avenue Victoria, BC V9B 2T9 Ph: (250) 480-7688 A registered charity that brings communities together to help families build strength, stability and independence through affordable homeownership.

Haliburton Community Organic Farm Society 741 Haliburton Road Victoria, BC V8Y 1H7 Ph: (250) 478-1694 Email: To oversee the development and management of the Haliburton Community Organic Farm and to promote organic farming in the region.

Health Promotion (Community Development), VIHA  3995 Quadra Street Victoria, BC V8X 1J8 Ph: (250) 744-5152 Promote health in community and individuals. Health units are in various locations throughout the region, including Victoria, Saanich, Esquimalt, Saanich Peninsula, Sooke, Western Communities and Salt Spring Island.

Heart and Stroke Foundation 106 – 1001 Cloverdale Ave Victoria, BC V8X 4C9 Ph: (250) 410-8093  The support of our volunteers and donors makes it possible for the Heart and Stroke Foundation to achieve our mission of preventing disease, saving lives and promoting recovery.

Help Fill A Dream Foundation Unit D, 4085 Quadra Street Victoria, BC V8X 1K5  Ph: (250) 382-3135  Helps fill the dreams of children under the age of 19 years who have a life-threatening illness.

HepCBC Hepatitis C Education and Prevention Society #20 – 1139 Yates Street Victoria, BC V8V 3N2 Ph: (250) 595-3892 Provide education, prevention, and support to those living with hepatitis C. Run by and for people affected by hepatitis C.

(The) Hope Through Achievement Foundation (HTAF) #304-971 Market Street Victoria, BC V9P 2G9 Ph: (250) 220-4640 Personal transformation through access to education & mentoring. 127-75 Songhees Rd Victoria, BC V9A 0B1 A website with stories of homeless and refugees with their wish lists. Provides option to pledge gifts listed in wish lists deliver to appropriate location.

Horticulture Centre of the Pacific 505 Quayle Road Victoria, BC V9E 2J7 Ph: (250) 479-6162To provide a demonstration and training garden accessible to the public. The Centre also has a test garden, offers lectures and workshops, provides a library and sells plants. Training program provides a 1 year diploma.


Independent Living Housing Society of Greater Victoria 813 Darwin Ave Victoria, BC V8X 2X7 Ph: (250) 383-2524 Provides homes and support to people with physical and/or cognitive disabilities that maintain and enhance independent lifestyles.

Indigenous Perspectives Society (IPS) 664 Granderson Road Victoria, BC V9B 2R8 Ph: (250) 391.0007 Formerly the Caring for First Nations Children Society, IPS is a not-for-profit organization that strengthens the voice of Indigenous communities through education and professional development.  Our training programs help foster a deeper understanding of Indigenous perspectives and cultural differences, and we help build successful partnerships and relationships with Indigenous communities, stakeholders and government partners.

Innovative Communities Foundation PO Box 8300 Victoria, BC V8W 3R9 Ph: (250) 744-2740 Focus is research, development, setting up and publicizing of innovative means for the alleviation of poverty worldwide.

Intercultural Association 930 Balmoral Road Victoria, BC V8T 1A8 Ph: (250) 388-4728 Immigrant and refugee settlement; intercultural relations; ESL classes.

International Metaphysical Academy 1516 Louise Place Victoria, BC V8P 2T9 Ph: (250) 472-0909 Promotes education on current spiritual issues by hosting monthly public events and promoting scientific knowledge on global issues.

Internet for Humanity Box 52020 Beacon Av. RPO Sidney, BC  V8L 5V9 Ph: (250) 655-6590 Email: A registered Canadian Charity, located in Victoria, BC . They have 11 years experience establishing and supporting reliable low-cost internet browsing and email systems in isolated and impoverished regions of the world.   In Uganda since 2011, they have installed 17 systems; 13 are active (8 Farmer Co-ops, 5 Schools) impacting over 25,000 farmers and students. They have developed an effective support infrastructure and installation/mentorship model which we now desire to implement throughout Uganda, more than doubling the present number of centers. We are also open to implement our successful model in other geographic areas.

Intrepid Theatre Company Society 2 – 1609 Blanshard Street Victoria, BC V8W 2J5 Ph: (250) 383-2663 Produces live theatre events such as the International Fringe and Uno Festivals. Develops the performing arts in Greater Victoria.

Island Community Mental Health 125 Skinner Street Victoria, BC V9A 6X4 Ph: (250) 389-1211 Social, recreational and vocational rehabilitation programs for psychiatric patients and individuals experiencing emotional problems.

Island Deaf and Hard of Hearing 201-754 Broughton Street Victoria, BC V8W 1E1 Ph: (250) 592-8144 The only non-profit on Vancouver Island delivering programs and services for Deaf, Deaf-Blind, late-deafened, individuals with hearing loss, families and the broader community.

Island Sexual Health Society  101-3960 Quadra Street Street Victoria, BC V8X 4A3 Ph: (250) 592-3479 Offers pro-choice and comprehensive sexual health clinics and education programs for people of all genders, orientations, identities, abilities, and ages.


James Bay Community Project 547 Michigan Street Victoria, BC V8V 1S5 Ph: (250) 388-7844. Operates and facilitates programs and services that support families,  youth, seniors and other community members living in James Bay and beyond. JBCP has a family resource centre, thrift store, community library, youth and family outreach, programs and counselling, outreach to seniors and adults with disabilities, volunteer services and a variety of community programs.

James Bay Community School Society 140 Oswego Street Victoria, BC V8V 2B1 Ph: (250) 389-1470 Community School Centre – community involvement in decision making. Operates: community cafe, recreational and educational programs, day care, K-7 school programs, library computer area.

James Bay New Horizons Society 234 Menzies Street Victoria, BC V8V 2G7 Ph: (250) 386-3035 Provides programs and services to people in the James Bay area.

James Bay Market Society c/o 547 Michigan Street Victoria, BC V8V 1S5 Ph: (250) 381-5323 Purpose is to promote community through local commerce and entertainment.

James Bay Newspaper Society 20 – 435 Simcoe Street Victoria, BC V8V 4T4 Ph: (250) 380-6090 Purpose is to produce a community newspaper which: 1) promotes pride 2)involves residents in the community 3) increases community awareness of
the impact of decisions that directly affect James Bay 4) initiates change for the good in the community 5) highlights community issues.

John Howard Soc. of BC 2675 Bridge Street Victoria, BC V8T 4Y4 Ph: (250) 386-3428 Provide services for ex-offenders.

Junior Achievement of British Columbia (JABC) Ph: (250) 893-4495 To inspire and prepare young people to succeed in a global economy via educational programs that build work readiness, entrepreneurship and financial literacy.


Kaleidoscope Theatre 3130 Jutland Road Victoria, BC V9E 2C5 Ph: (250) 383-8124 To create relevant, original, & innovative theatre experiences that stimulate and inspire young people to think critically about the world around them and to engage in constructive and creative self expression.

KidSport Greater Victoria 200 – 990 Fort Street Victoria, BC V8V 3K2 Ph: (250) 387-1375 Purpose is to ensure that kids in financial need can participate in a season of sport. Also supports worthwhile community projects that increase access to sport experiences for children.

Kiwanis Pavilion 3034 Cedar Hill Road Victoria, BC V8T 3J3 Ph: (250) 598-2022. A non-profit 122-bed complex care facility that specializes in the care of people with dementia. Owned and operated by the Oak Bay Kiwanis Health Care Society.


Leadership Victoria 306 – 620 View Street Victoria, BC V8W 1J6 Ph: (250) 386-2269 Leadership Victoria provides emerging decision makers with opportunities to develop and practice leadership skills. The 9 month program emphasizes practical experience and exposes participants to current regional issues as a context for skill building.

Learning Disabilities Association 1562 Fort Street Victoria, BC V8S 5J2 Ph: (250) 370-9513 Information and support to children, teens and parents regarding learning disabilities. Educational program and library.

Learning Through Loss 1027 Pandora Ave Victoria, BC V8V 3P6 Ph: (250) 413-3114 Provides free grief education and loss support groups to youth ages 10-18 years, and offers community trainings to increase capacity to respond to youth loss experiences.

LifeCycles Project Society 2 – 625 Hillside Ave Victoria, BC V8T 1Z1 Ph: (250) 383-5800 Dedicated to cultivating awareness and initiating action around health, urban sustainability and food in the Greater Victoria community.

Lifetime Networks Victoria 102-4090 Shelbourne Street, BC V8N 4P8Ph: (250) 477-4112 Reduces isolation and loneliness for persons with developmental disabilities, mental health issues, and seniors by surrounding them with personal networks of support. Also provide fine arts and post secondary opportunities for persons with developmental disabilities.

Literacy Victoria 930A Yates Street Victoria, BC V8V 4Z3 Ph: (250) 381-3755 To provide adults with free one-to-one tutoring in basic reading, writing, mathematics, computers and essential skills.

Living Edge Community  Mailing: PO Box 46020 Quadra Victoria, BC V8T 5G7 Ph: (250) 383-8915. To provide food for the body and hope for the heart to persons in need through a weekly Sunday hot nutritious dinner, a twice-weekly distribution of donated food, and spiritual Christian support for those who seek it.

Luther Court Society 1525 Cedar Hill X Road Victoria, BC V8P 5M1 Ph: (250) 477-7241 Arts, crafts, recreation and social activities for seniors, for residents of Luther Court (intermediate care) and community. Members are very independent.


M’akola ILBC Housing Society 2009 Fernwood Road Victoria, BC V8T 2Y8 Ph: (250) 474-1524 Provide culturally appropriate, respectful and affordable housing to elders, seniors and persons with disabilities requiring assistance with activities of daily living.

Maritime Museum of BC 28 Bastion Square Victoria, BC V8W 1H9 Ph: (250) 385-4222 Displays models and artifacts pertaining to maritime history with special emphasis on B.C. maritime history. Extensive reference library. Lecture and film program for members. Quarterly newsletter and guided tours for organized groups.

Mary Manning Centre 210 – 1175 Cook Street Victoria, BC V8V 4A1 Ph: (250) 385-6111 Helps children and their families heal from child abuse. The Centre helps children, youth nineteen and under, and their families. Services include individual and family counselling, family education and support, and a victim assistance program.

Men’s Trauma Centre 102-1022 Pandora Avenue Victoria, BC V8V 3P5 Ph: (250) 381-6367 Provide theraputic services and legal support to male survivors. Services include individual and group therapy, support groups, educational outreach, victim services program and residential historical abuse program.

Military Family Resource Centre CFB Esquimalt P. O. Box 17000, Station Forces Victoria, BC V9A 7N2 Ph: (250) 363-2640Esquimalt Military Family Resource Centre is a non-profit, charitable organization dedicated to meeting the needs of military families.

Monterey Recreation Centre 1442 Monterey Avenue Victoria, BC V8S 4W1 Ph: (250) 370-7300 To offer a myriad of clubs, courses, adventures, events and volunteering opportunities for adults 50+ on weekdays and for adults 19+ evenings and weekends.

Mount St. Mary Hospital 861 Fairfield Road Victoria, BC V8V 5A9 (250) 480-3118. A charitable organization that provides a home that supports the independence, dignity and quality of life of 200 of our community’s vulnerable and elderly people who require complex care services.  Courage is found here.

Mount Tolmie Hospital  3690 Richmond Road Victoria BC  V8P 4R6 Ph: (250)  370-5645 Extended care home.

MOVE Adapted Fitness & Rehabilitation Society of BC #302-531 Yates Street Victoria, BC V8W 1K7 Ph: (250) 744-8284 To provide specialized therapy & exercise to children, youth and adults that are physically challenged due to spinal cord injury, non-progressive brain injury, stroke & heart attack.

MS Society of Canada, South Vancouver Island Chapter 1004 North Park Street Victoria, BC V8T 1C6 Ph: (250) 388-6496 Information and resource centre for individuals who are living with MS, their family members and caregivers, and health professionals. Services include support counselling and referral, information and education, advocacy, social and recreational programs, therapeutic exercise programs, equipment loans and physiotherapy.

Mustard Seed Street Church 625 Queen Street Victoria, BC V8T 1L9 Ph: (250) 953-1575  To meet the needs of those in need through provision of a variety of services including food bank, advocacy, drop-in centre, crisis counselling, clothing bank.


NEED2 1524 Fort Street Victoria, BC V8S 5J2 Ph: (250) 386-6328 Provides suicide awareness and education, as well as YouthSpace web site that provides on-line support for youth.

North & South Saanich Agricultural Society (NSSAS) 1528 Stellys Cross Road Saanichton, BC V8M 1S8 Ph: (250) 652-3314 Exists to encourage & support a general interest in agriculture. Also, it works diligently to organize & present a community “Agricultural Fall Fair” and has done so for the past 148 years. The fair attracts over 40,000 people annually.


Oak Bay Emergency Social Services 1703 Monterey Ave Victoria, BC V8R 5V6 Ph: (250) 592-9121  Assists people affected by a disaster and helps to re-establish inidividuals and families as quickly as possible.

Oak Bay Lodge 2251 Cadboro Bay Road Victoria, BC V8R 5H3 Ph: (250) 370-6642 Residential and Adult Day Care facility for seniors. Residential care to persons requiring 24-hour care and supervision. Adult day care to elderly persons not requiring 24-hour care and supervision and able to remain in their own home.

Oak Bay Sea Rescue Society Mailing address: PO Box 5624 LCD9 Victoria, BC V8R 6S4 Ph: (250) 896-2625 To provide a volunteer marine search & rescue service & to promote public boating safety throughout the South Vancouver Island region.

Oak Bay Volunteer Services 101-2167 Oak Bay Avenue Victoria, BC V8R 1G2 Ph: (250) 595-1034 One-to-one volunteer help for Oak Bay residents of all ages, including drives, visits, walks, daily check-up phone calls, reading, writing, minor repairs, income tax returns, etc.

Oaklands Community Assoc & Centre 1 – 2827 Belmont Ave Victoria, BC V8R 4B2 Ph: (250) 370-9101 Promotes and provides quality programs and projects that facilitate community interaction and contribute to the health and physical improvement of the Oaklands neighbourhood.

Oasis Society for the Spiritual Health of Victoria  106-505 Trutch Street Victoria, BC V8V 4C3  Ph: (250) 361-9228 work with homeless people to create a shared and inclusive spiritual community for the mutual well-being of all.

Open Space Arts Society 2nd Floor – 510 Fort Street Victoria, BC V8W 1E6 Ph: (250) 383-8833 Presents contemporary arts in all disciplines and encourages research, insight and understanding of the arts.

Operation Trackshoes 4055 Saanich Road Victoria, BC V8X 1Z4 Ph: (250) 721-2233 Operation Trackshoes is a provincial sports festival for the mentally disabled athletes of British Columbia.

Our Place 919 Pandora Avenue Victoria, BC V8V 3P4 Ph: (250) 388-7112 A drop-in centre that seeks to enrich the social, spiritual, emotional and physical lives of all in the community. A new building combining the services of the Upper Room and Open Door will provide accommodation, meals, laundry, washrooms and other facilities. Services also include advocacy, outreach, support and recreation programs.


Pacific Animal Therapy Society 9412 Lauries Lane Sidney, BC V8L 4L2 Ph: (250) 656-4283 To provide animal therapy to hospitalized or shut-in clients.

Pacific Centre Family Services  345 Wale Road Victoria, BC V6B 6X2 Ph: (250) 478-8357 To enhance and promote the quality and dignity of life of individuals, families and groups within the community.

Pacific Institute for Sport Excellence Society AKA PISE 4371 Interurban Road Victoria, BC V9E 2C5 Ph: (250) 220-2587 PISE enhances the development of sport and physical activity excellence through a partnership approach delivering world class programs, education, innovation and facilities.

Pacific Peoples Partnership #407-620 View Street Victoria, BC V8W 1J6 Ph: (250) 381-4131 Since 1975 has worked with Indigenous and civil society partners across Small Island Developing States of the South Pacific and First Nations across Canada on rights-based sustainable development initiatives that enable communities to harness their own creativity to address poverty, environment degradation & loss of culture.

Pacific Training Centre for the Blind 201-531 Yates Street Victoria, BC V8W 1K7 Ph: (250)580-4910 Started in 2011, the Pacific Training Centre for the Blind (PTCB) is a grassroots, charitable organization, based in Victoria, BC. The centre offers training in blindness skills such as Braille, cane travel, adaptive technology, life skills and a positive approach to blindness. All of our instructors are blind, and the centre uses a positive, experiential style of teaching that empowers blind people to problem-solve and take charge of their own lives.

Pacifica Housing Advisory Assoc. 827 Fisgard Street Victoria, BC V8W 1R9 Ph: (250) 385-2131 To provide innovative, affordable housing opportunities and support to people in need of such services.

Pandora Arts Collective 10 – 1921 Fernwood Road Victoria BC V8T 2Y6 Ph: (250) 920-7227 Facilitates and supports health through the social and educational benefits of a welcoming creative arts space. Run two main programs, the Open Studio and
Little Fernwood Gallery.

Pathways (CMHA) 5500 Hamsterly Road Victoria, BC V8Y 1S5 Ph: (250) 389-1211 Social and Recreational Centre for individuals with disabilities.

Pearson College UWC Mailing:650 Pearson College Drive Victoria, BC V9C 4H7 Ph: (250) 391-2411.

Phoenix Human Services Association 2nd Floor – 1824 Store Street Victoria, BC  V8T 4R4 Ph: (250) 383-4821 Purpose is to build on the strengths and resourcefulness of individuals and assist them to create new opportunities to enhance their quality of living.

Point Ellice House Preservation Society 2616 Pleasant Street Victoria, BC V9A 6P3 Ph: (250) 380-6506 was the home of a prominent  family (1860’s) who lovingly filled their home with a vast collection of victoriana. A Board and volunteers strive to maintain and preserve this heritage house and garden, for the public’s enjoyment. Tours, teas, and meals are offered on an almost daily basis.

Power To Be Adventure Therapy Society 1017 Fort Street Victoria, BC V9V 3K5  Ph: (250) 385-2363  Power To Be was founded on its mission to enrich the health, education and quality of life for vulnerable youth, adults, families and the communities in which they belong.

Prevention Services – Health Units, VIHA 3995 Quadra Street Victoria, BC V8X 1J8 Ph: (250) 519-5115  Prevention Services staff work together with communities, families and individuals to be healthy and stay healthy. Public Health Units are located in Esquimalt, Peninsula, Saanich, Sooke, Victoria and Western Communities.

Priory Hospital Site, VIHA 567 Goldstream Road Victoria, BC V9B 2W4 Ph: (250) 370-5645 Extended care hospital.

Prostate Centre 100 – 1900 Richmond Ave Victoria, BC V8R 4R2 Ph: (250) 388-0214 Provide informational support to those already diagnosed with prostate cancer and to others interested in maintaining prostate health.


Queen Alexandra Centre for Children’s Health, VIHA 2400 Arbutus Road Victoria, BC V8N 1V7 Ph: (250) 519-6792  The Centre cooperates closely with other service agencies to ensure a broad spectrum of health services for children (In Patient, Out Patient and family support services).


Ready to Rent 101-2860 Quadra Street Victoria, BC V8T 4E7 Ph: (250) 388-7171 To help people learn to attain and maintain housing through education using a coaching mentoring model.

Recreation Integration Victoria 4135 Lambrick Way Victoria, BC V8N 5R3 Ph: (250) 477-6314 To enable people with disabilities to become involved in municipal parks and recreation activities. Extensive summer program for children.

Residential & Housing Services, Mental Health & Addictions, VIHA 1124 Pembroke Street Victoria, BC V8T 1J3 Ph: (250) 213-4436 Assists individuals who have a history of homelessness and those who have difficulty maintaining housing, to find and keep their housing. Also assists individuals in maintaining their independent housing by supporting and teaching them independent living skills.

Respecting Aboriginal Values and Environmental Needs Society (RAVEN) #303-620 View Street Victoria, BC V8W 1J6 Ph: (250) 383-2331 Provides financial resources to assist Aboriginal Nations within Canada in lawfully forcing industrial development to be reconciled with their traditional ways of life, and in a manner that addresses global warming of other ecologically sustainable challenges.

Rest Haven Lodge 2281 Mills Road Sidney, BC V8L 2C3 Ph: (250) 656-0717 The lodge provides intermediate nursing care and long term care. Operated by the 7th Day Adventist Church.

Restorative Justice Victoria 1933-1939 Lee Avenue,  Victoria, BC V8R 4W9 Ph: (250) 383-5801 Purpose is to repair the harm to victims and the community caused by offences committed within the community. The program also seeks to build the capacity of individuals to take responsibility and change behaviour, and of communities to be accountable and resolve conflict.

(The) Robert Bateman Centre 470 Belleville Street Victoria, BC V8W 1W9 Ph: (250) 940-3630 We connect people with the magic of nature through art.

Rocky Point Bird Observatory  170-1581 H Hillside Avenue Victoria, BC V8T 2C1 Email: Seeks to influence conservation and ecological management of migratory birds in Western North America through monitoring, scientific research and public education.

Ross Bay Villa Society Email: exists to educate the general public about Victoria’s social, cultural, and architectural heritage by restoring, conserving, researching, and presenting the house, grounds, and furnishings of the Ross Bay Villa.

Rotary Clubs of Greater Victoria Rotary in Greater Victoria brings together people who are passionate about making a difference. It can provide you, as a member, with the resources and opportunities to improve your community and create change in the world.

Royal B.C. Museum – Visitor Services 675 Belleville Street Victoria, BC V8V 1A1 Ph: (250) 387-7902 Collect, preserve and interpret human and natural history of province.

Royal Jubilee Hospital Site, VIHA West Wing 147, Old Town 1952 Bay Street Victoria, BC V8R 1J8 Ph: (250) 370-8407 Hospital providing acute care for adults. RJH is an acute care hospital which also offers rehabilitation services and specialized programs in cardiac, kidney and burn care, and psychiatry. It is a referral centre for hospitals all over Vancouver Island.


Saanich Emergency Program 760 Vernon Ave Victoria, BC V8X 2W6 Ph: (250) 475-7140 Provides for continuity in government and the preservation of life and property through a coordinated response by elected officials, municipal departments, volunteer services and such outside agencies as may be able to assist during a major emergency or disaster.

Saanich Neighbourhood Place c/o Pearkes Recreation Centre 3100 Tillicum Road Victoria, BC V9A 6T2 Ph: (250) 360-1148 Works to support the well-being of families and individuals in the community. Programs include parent education, parent and tot drop-ins, clothing exchange, best babies, and food security programs.

Saanich Parks and Recreation Services 780 Vernon Ave Victoria, BC V8X 2W7 Ph: (250) 475-5502 Purpose is to provide accessible programs and services to the residents of Saanich and Greater Victoria.

Saanich Peninsula Hospital Site, VIHA 2166 Mount Newton X-Road Saanichton, BC V0S 1M0 Ph: (250) 652-7519 Acute and extended care hospital.

Saanich Police Department, Block Watch 760 Vernon Ave Victoria, BC V8X 2W6 Ph: (250) 475-4321 Facilitate community participation in crime prevention program, specifically Block Watch.

Saanich Pulling Together Program 1040 Mackenzie Ave Victoria, BC V9E 2L4 Ph: (250) 475-5502 Welcomes volunteers of all ages abilities to participate in ecological restoration in Saanich Parks. Our volunteers help remove invasive species and plant back native species to support the recovery of local ecosystems and provide habitat for wildlife. Volunteering with us is very flexible.

Saanich Volunteer Services 1445 Ocean View Road Victoria, BC V8P 1J8 Ph: (250) 595-8008 A one on one direct volunteer service that promotes independent living and enhances quality of life for Saanich residents by providing coordinated volunteer services and connection to community resources.

S.A.L.T.S. Sail and Life Training Society 451 Herald Street Victoria, BC V8W 3N8 Ph: (250) 383-6811 “Training young people, by the sea, for life. Aim to develop the spiritual, relational and physical potential of young people ages 13-25 through sail training, shipboard life, and associated activities on two heritage tall ships, the Pacific Swift and Pacific Grace. Run spring/fall trips for school groups and 10 summer trips for individuals.

Salt Spring Island Community Services 268 Fulford-Ganges Road Salt Spring Island, BC V8K 2K6 Ph: (250) 537-9971
Purpose is to support and strengthen individual families and communities of the Southern Gulf Islands.

Salvation Army – Addictions Rehabilitation Centre 525 Johnson Street Victoria, BC V8W 1M2 Ph: (250) 384-3396
Rehabilitation program; community residential centre (1\2 way house) for inmates; short term hostel accommodation and long term private room and board accommodation for adult men; persons without funds may be assisted.

Salvation Army National Recycling Operation 3948 Quadra Street Victoria, BC V8X 1J6 Ph: (250) 727-7823
Recycling operation which runs 7 thrift stores for those in need and individuals with limited resources. Also recycles a variety of other materials including paper/cardboard.

Santas Anonymous  c/o C-FAX 825 Broughton Street Victoria, BC V8W 1E5 Ph: (250) 920-4633 Collecting toys and gifts for distribution at Christmas.

Scouts Canada 664 West Broadway Vancouver, BC V5Z 1G1 Ph: (250) 668-0983 Scouts have fun adventures discovering new things and experiences they wouldn’t discover elsewhere. Along the way they develop into capable, confident and well-rounded individuals, better prepared for success in the world. Scouts is the start of something great. It starts with Scouts.

Selkirk Place 385 Waterfront Crescent Victoria, BC V8T 5K7 Ph: (250) 880-0388 Provides individualized care and support for adults with complex and assisted living health needs, within a comfortable residential setting.

Sendial 738 – 203 Kimta Road Victoria, BC V9A 6T5 Ph: (250) 480-7351 Grocery shopping service for seniors.

Seniors Serving Seniors 109 – 1022 Pandora Ave Victoria, BC V8V 3P6 Ph: (250) 382-4331 Offers a current information and referral service – represent interests and concerns of senior citizens – identify and assist in developing programs and establishing services.

Shaw Ocean Discovery Centre 9811 Seaport Place Sidney, BC V8L 4X3 Ph: (250) 665-7511 Purpose is to create an Ocean Discovery Centre – champion our ocean and celebrate the ecosystem. To promote a knowledge and love of our ocean environment.

Shekinah Homes Society 3034 Donald Street Victoria, BC V9A 1Y2 Ph: (250) 595-1014 Provides person centred support for adults with developmental disabilities in a residential setting.

Shelbourne Community Kitchen Society 3541 Shelbourne Street Victoria, BC V8P 4G6 Ph: (250) 5950-0980 Through a number of innovative programs – i.e. a gardening program where participants learn to work together to grow food for themselves & others – the Shelbourne Community Kitchen Society exists to provide people struggling with food security adequate & healthy food and also works to create community through a broadly supported neighborhood centre.

Silver Threads – Victoria 1728 Douglas Street Victoria, BC V8W 2G7 Ph: (250) 388-4268 Social and recreational activities for seniors in Victoria.

Silver Threads – Saanich 286 Hampton Road Victoria, BC V8Z 1H1 Ph: (250) 382-3151 Social and recreational activities for seniors in Saanich area.

Sooke Region Historical Society 2070 Phillips Road Sooke, BC V9Z 0Y3 Ph: (250) 642-6351 The Sooke Region Historical Society exists to establish, maintain & operate a museum in order to preserve & exhibit information, records & objects of educational, historical & cultural value.  A visitor centre is also operated by the Society.

Sooke Region Volunteer Centre 6672 Wadams Way Sooke, BC V9Z 0H3 Ph: (250) 642-6351 Ext. 235 Works in partnership with over 180 non-profits to support & promote volunteerism in the communities that make up the Sooke Region (Beecher Bay to Port Renfrew)

Sooke Transition House Society PO Box 527 Sooke, BC V9Z 1H5 Ph: (250) 642-2544 Purpose is to provide accessible services to all women and children seeking support, information, referrals, and advoacy relating to issues of violence and abuse. To provide shelter in a safe respectful atmosphere for women and their children experiencing, leaving or healing from violence and abuse.

Society of Friends of St. Ann’s Academy 853 Humboldt St, PO Box 9188 Victoria, BC V8W 9E6 Ph: (250) 953-8820 To celebrate, honor, and preserve the spiritual, social, and cultural heritage of St. Ann’s Academy – while collaborating in the public interest to develop it as a resource centre for the community.

South Island Centre for Counselling and Training 3821A Cedar Hill X Road Victoria, BC V8P 2M6 Phone: (250) 472-2851, extension 101. Provides professional and affordable counselling for individuals, children, youth, couples, families and organizations using a sliding fee scale. Counselling sessions are by appointment only.


Special Olympics BC PO Box 31121 University Heights Victoria, BC V8N 6G3 Ph: (250) 475-1677 Provide year round sport and recreation programs for people who have mental disabilities.

St. John Ambulance 205-3214 Douglas Street Victoria, BC V8Z 3K4 Ph: (250) 388-5505 Helping communities improve their health, safety, and quality of life.  We are present at sporting events, festivals, concerts, and many other community gatherings. Also the Victoria SJA Therapy Dog Program evaluates and places successful teams into senior’s centres, medical facilities, schools, and other residential facilities. Contact for more information.

St. Vincent de Paul 4349 W Saanich Road Victoria, BC V8Z 3E8 Ph: (250) 382-2767 Emergency assistance to anyone who is in need of food, clothing, furniture and referral, regardless of race, creed, religion etc. Store provides clothing, furniture, etc. at minimal cost.

Swan Lake/Christmas Hill Nature Sanctuary 3873 Swan Lake Road Victoria, BC V8X 3W1 Ph: (250) 479-0211 To foster appreciation of nature and provide experiences that will develop personal responsibility for the care and protection of the environment.


Threshold Housing Society 900 Vancouver Street Victoria, BC V8V 3V7 Ph: (250) 383-8830 To provide long-term transitional housing for youth at-risk of homelessness.

TLC The Land Conservancy of B.C. PO Box 50054 RPO Fairfield Plaza, Victoria, BC V8S 5L8 Ph: (250) 479-8053 To protect plants, animals, natural communities and landscape features that represent diversity of life, by protecting the lands and waters they need to survive. Also protects areas of scientific, historical, cultural and scenic value.

Together Against Poverty Society 302-895 Fort Street Victoria, BC V8W 1H7  Ph: (250) 361-3521
Assist people who live below the poverty level with advocacy, information, support and other poverty issues.

Tourism Victoria 4th Floor – 31 Bastion Square Victoria, BC V8W 1J1 Ph: (250) 414-6999 Promotes the region and welcomes visitors to Greater Victoria to share the year-round tourism experience, for the growth and enrichment of its members and the community.

(The) Town of View Royal 45 View Royal Avenue Victoria, BC V9B 1A6 Ph: (250) 479-6800 The Town of View Royal is determined to be one of the best places to call home: livable, green & sustainable.


Umbrella Society for Addictions & Mental Health 901 Kings Road Victoria, BC V8T 1W5
Ph: (250) 380-0595 Promotes health around substance use issues and provides advocacy and support
to those impacted by substance use. Services include advocacy and support on an individual level as well as with families and educational presentations on substance and mental health issues to service providers and community agencies.

United Way 1144 Fort Street Victoria, BC V8V 3K8 Ph: (250) 385-6708
Campaign to raise funds for non-profit organizations.

UVic Alumni Association University of Victoria PO Box 1700 Victoria, BC V8W 2Y2 Ph: (250) 721-6012 Embracing the significant role of the alumni community in the mission of the University of Victoria, the UVic Alumni Association exists to help its members and students remain connected to the university and to each other – in all stages of their lives and wherever they reside – by providing dynamic services and programs.

UVic Anti-Violence Project University of Victoria SUB Room B 027 Victoria, BC V8W 3P3 Ph: (250) 472-4388 To support and empower people of all genders who are affected by sexualized violence – both survivors and allies, within the university community.

UVic Division of Continuing Studies PO Box 1700 STN CSC, Victoria, BC V8W 2Y2 Ph: (250) 472-4747. The broad range of adult part-time courses and programs we offer make it possible for all kinds of people to access the wealth of knowledge at UVic. We partner with all the UVic Faculties to provide stimulating, high quality education opportunities to local as well as international learners. Whatever your desire for more education, there’s no better place to start than Continuing Studies.

UVic English Language Centre ELC Division of Continuing Studies University of Victoria PO Box 3030, Stn CSC Victoria, BC V8W 3N6 Ph: (250) 721-8469  Helps international students communicate better in English. The Centre provides 3 ESL sessions per year, each lasting 3 months. In addition to
formal classes, the agency offers a drop-in self access tutorial centre.


Vancouver Island Dogs Rescue Society 1069 Kiwi Road Victoria, BC V9B 4Z8 Ph: (250) 298-4013 Purpose is to rescue dogs in need, rehabilitate, train, foster and find good homes for them. To educate the public in good dog ownership, to make the public aware of the importance of spaying and neutering.

Vancouver Island Kidney Patients’ Association Box 5145 Stn B Victoria, BC V8R 6N4 Ph: (250) 592-3643  Purpose is to help patients who are experiencing renal disease with comforts and well being. Association provides supports for dialysis patients, hospital equipment, patient advocacy and emergency funds to cover travelling costs.

Vancouver Island Persons Living with HIV/AIDS Society 101 – 1139 Yates Street
Victoria, BC V8V 3N2 Ph: (250) 382-7927 Purpose is to provide information and a safe supportive environment for people living with HIV/AIDS.

Vancouver Island Public Interest Research Group  SUB B120/ PO Box 3050 STN CSC, University of Victoria V8W 3P3  Ph: (250) 472-4386  Dedicated to research, education, advocacy and other action in the public interest.

Vancouver Island Strata Owners Association Box 601, 185-911 Yates Street
Victoria, BC V8V 4Y9 Ph: (250) 920-0222 To promote and encourage strata ownership as a desireable way of life.

Victoria Area Parole 101 – 1230 Government Street Victoria, BC V8W 3M4 Ph: (250) 363-0105
To encourage and assist offenders to become law-abiding citizens.

Victoria Brain Injury Society D & E 830 Pembroke Street Victoria, BC V8T 1H9 Ph: (250) 598-9339
Purpose is to provide community support and rehabilitation services to persons with acquired brain injury and their families in the South Vancouver Island region.

Victoria Community Micro Lending Society (VCMLS) #202-2610 Douglas Street Victoria, BC V8T 4M1 Ph: (250) 590-4515 The VCMLS makes loans to people who have a good idea and the ability to carry it out, but don’t qualify for credit at a bank. They work with people to develop a business plan and budget.

Victoria Community Resources Society 1212 Royal Oak Drive Victoria, BC V8X 3T8 Ph: (250) 658-4962 Supports individuals with multiple disabilities at home and in the community for a better quality of life. Society has 2 group homes and runs both a residential program and a day program.

Victoria Cool-Aid Society 103 – 749 Pandora Ave Victoria, BC V8W 1N9 Ph: (250) 383-1977
Provides shelter and other social services for citizens of the Capital Regional District and for transient persons.

Victoria Disability Resource Centre 817A Fort Street Victoria, BC V8W 1H6 Ph: (250) 595-0044 Promote independent living, full participation and awareness of disabilities in community. Activities include information and referral service, peer support, independent living skills development, employment programs and distribution of disability parking permits.

Victoria Dragon Boat Festival PO Box 1234  621 Discovery Street Victoria, BC V8W 2T6
Ph: (250) 472-0680  Host an annual Dragon Boat race and cultural event.

Victoria Emergency Management Program 1234 Yates Street Victoria, BC V8V 3M8 Ph: (250) 920-3355  The organization plans for and responds to extra-ordinary emergency situations affecting the City of Victoria.

Victoria Film Festival PO Box 8419 Victoria, BC V8W 3S1 Ph: (250) 389-0444  To expose our community to a wide range of ideas and lifestyle through the year-round presentation of film, video and new media. Through our events and presentations we aim to stimulate critical analysis and inspire individuals to recognize and utilize film as a creative tool.

Victoria Free-net Association 2L, 4476 Markham Street Victoria, BC V8Z 7X8 Ph: (250) 727-7057 A not-for-profit Internet Service Provider (ISP). Provides free and low cost access to Internet services for those who may find themselves excluded from full participation in the digital economy and for the organizations that work with them.

Victoria General Hospital Site, VIHA 1 Hospital Way Victoria, BC V8Z 6R5 Ph: (250) 727-4134
Public hospital, including acute care. It is the pediatric and obstetric care centre for lower Vancouver Island.

Victoria Global Village Store 535 Pandora Victoria, BC V8W 1N5 Ph: (250) 380-1530
Store supports cooperative and self-help groups around the world in their efforts to make a living through alternative trade.

Victoria Hospice Society 3rd floor1952 Bay Street, Richmond Pavilion Royal Jubilee Hospital
Victoria, BC V8R 1J8 Ph: (250) 370-8849  Care for the terminally ill patient and support for the family.

Victoria Hospitals Foundation Wilson Block, 1952 Bay Street Victoria, BC V8R 1J8  Ph: (250) 414-6688
Supports the most critical equipment needs for Royal Jubilee and Victoria General Hospitals. Supports nine critical healthcare programs ranging from cancer to heart care, pediatrics to seniors’ health.

Victoria Humane Society (VHS) Email: An animal rescue and registered Canadian charity, is a safe haven for sick, injured, abandoned or homeless BC animals and it values a team approach to animal rescue working together with community partners across the province to save animals in dire need with nowhere else to go. The VHS rescues animals in need, and through adoption and education inspires our community to create a more compassionate future where animals are valued, protected and treated with respect.

Victoria Immigrant & Refugee Centre 3rd Floor, 637 Bay Street Victoria, BC V8T 5L2 Ph: (250) 361-9433 Assists in settlement and adjustment of immigrants and refugees. Offers free employment services, support and counseling services and English classes.

Victoria International Airport  Red Coat Host Program 201-1640 Electra Blvd Sidney, BC V8L 5V4
Ph: (250) 953-7500. This program is assist travelers and enhance the friendliness of the Victoria International Airport.

Victoria International Buskers Festival Society 895 Fort Street, Suite 200, Victoria BC, V8W 1H7 Ph: (250) 590-8907 Email: This free-to-attend event presents a number of stages at Victoria’s central ‘Ship Point’ and features over 500 hours of programmed shows and busker entertainment every July. Volunteers needed for everything from retailing festival merchandise, to stage management and security. Join this exciting and unique opportunity to gain invaluable experience within the growing industry of event planning and tourism.

Victoria International Chalk Art Festival Society 895 Fort Street, Suite 200, Victoria BC, V8W 1H7 Ph: (250) 590-8907 Email: Presents a free-to-attend, First Nation themed festival featuring local First Nation artists, singers, dancers and drummers along with international chalk and 3D artists every September at Victoria’s central ‘Ship Point’. Volunteers are needed for everything from retailing festival merchandise, to stage management and security. Join this exciting and unique opportunity to gain invaluable experience within the growing industry of event planning and tourism.

Victoria International Kite Festival Society 895 Fort Street, Suite 200, Victoria BC, V8W 1H7 Ph: (250) 590-8907 Email: This free-to-attend festival celebrates multicultural diversity in our community, every May at beautiful Clover Point. It is full of fun for the whole family, including local and international kite fliers, programmed kid’s activities and live entertainment. Volunteers are needed for everything from retailing festival merchandise and field marshals, to stage management and security. Join this exciting and unique opportunity to gain invaluable experience within the growing industry of event planning and tourism.

Victoria International Cycling Festival 4159 Hawkes Avenue Victoria, BC V8Z 3Y9 Ph: (250) 686-4012 Purpose is to bring together the unique, vibrant and varied cycling cultures of Victoria in a complete celebration of pedal power.

Victoria Marine Rescue Society PO Box 8795 Victoria, BC V8W 3S3 Ph: (250) 385-7728 Purpose is to provide Victoria area with 24 hour, year-round marine search and rescue.

Victoria Medical Heritage Society 190 – 2334 Trent Street Victoria, BC V8R 4Z3 Ph: (250) 598-6021 Purpose is to restore the Pemberton Operating Room on the grounds of the Royal Jubilee Hospital, as well as to maintain the restored building as a public medical museum and medical archives, incorporating the history of medicine in Victoria.

Victoria Multi-Cultural Society 1415 Broad Street Victoria, BC V8W 2B2 Ph: (250) 380-1280
To be a sustainable arts and culture organization. To significantly contribute to the arts and cultural health of Victoria.

Victoria Operatic Society 744 Fairview Rd. Unit 10 Victoria BC  V9A 5T9 Ph: (250)-381-1021. A volunteer driven organization established in 1945 for the purpose of producing exceptional musical theatre that engages the broader community.  Volunteer opportunities range from performing to set building, costuming, and various behind-the-scenes duties.

Victoria Police Department  850 Caledonia Avenue Victoria, BC V8T 5J8 Ph: (250) 995-7202  Crime prevention through community education and awareness.

Victoria Rainbow Kitchen 500 Admirals Victoria, BC V9A 2N4 Ph: (250) 384-2069 A place for people from all walks of life and circumstances to come and share a meal together.

Victoria READ Society 202, 990 Hillside Avenue Victoria, BC V8T 2A1 Ph: (250) 388-7225 Individualized remedial support in reading, writing and mathematics for children, youth and adults, provided by professional teachers in small group settings. Tuition Assistance program available for children and youth from low-income households.

Victoria School of Ideal Education 1270 Pandora Ave Victoria, BC V8V 3R4 Ph: (250) 595-5002
To provide holistic education: K-Grade 5, in a small, nurturing environment.

Victoria Symphony 610 – 620 View Street Victoria, BC V8W 1J6 Ph: (250) 385-9771 Purpose is to develop, attract and hold individuals as music lovers for life. Victoria Symphony currently produces over 50 concerts a year. Programming also includes educational concerts for children, working with local youth through the Symphony Youth Council and the Music in the Schools Program.

Victoria Tea Festival c/o Camosun College Child Care Services 4461 Interurban Road Victoria, BC V9E 2C1 Ph: (250) 370-4880 Hosts the largest public tea exhibition in North America. All proceeds
from the event go to support Camosun College Child Care Services.

(The) Victoria Theatre Guild (also known as Langham Court Theatre) 805 Langham Court Victoria, BC V8V 4J3 Ph: (250) 384-2142 It is one of the oldest community theatre groups in Western Canada.

Victoria Therapeutic Riding Association PO Box 412 Brentwood Bay, BC V8M 1R3  Ph: (778) 426-0506 Introduce disabled people to horse-back riding.

Victoria Ultimate Players Society 102-1252 Yates Street Victoria, BC V8V 3N3 Ph: (250) 886-6671
To promote and encourage the sport of Ultimate Frisbee within our community.

Victoria West Community Association 521 Craigflower Road Victoria, BC V9A 6Z5 Ph: (250) 590-8922 The centre provides physical, intellectual, social and cultural services and programs that contribute to individual and community health and development.

Victoria Women’s Sexual Assault Centre 511 – 620 View Street Victoria, BC V8W 1J6 Ph: (250) 383-5545 Counselling services, 24 hour crisis and information line, emergency accompaniment to hospital (SART), Victim Services Program, prevention program and community education.

Victoria Youth Clinic Society 533 Yates Street Victoria, BC V8W 1K7 Ph:(250) 383-3552 To provide primary health care services including mental health and addictions care, in a safe welcoming & accessible environment to all Greater Victoria youth.  Its program delivery model includes:  counselling, psychiatric assessment, primary health care, & outreach support.

View Royal Public Library Association 45B View Royal Ave Victoria, BC V9B 1A6 Ph: (250) 479-2723 Provide information and recreation library services to the residents of View Royal.

Volunteer Victoria  306-620 View Street Victoria, BC V8W 1J6 Ph: (250) 386-2269 Volunteer Victoria is the primary recruitment and referral centre for the Greater Victoria Region. Our aim to advance the value of volunteerism in Greater Victoria by providing leadership and training in volunteer and non-profit management.


Wear 2 Start Society 216 – 733 Johnson Street Victoria, BC V8W 3C7 Ph: (250) 472-9327
To outfit unemployed, economically disadvantaged women with clothing, shoes and accessories
for interviews.

We Rage We Weep Alzheimer Foundation 707-828 Rupert Terrace Victoria BC V8W 0A7  Ph:250-920-9573 To help those with Alzheimer disease or related dementia and their caregivers by easing the financial burden of care giving – one family at a time.

The Well Earth and Spirit Society 350 King George Terrace Victoria BC V8S 2K2 Ph:778-433-8925
To cultivate nature-based wisdom in service to a new world view – for us and all our children.

West Coast Men’s Support Society 213-80 Station Street Duncan BC V9L 4M1 Ph:250-597-2801
Helping men, families, and community to create full, healthier lives.

WIN Community Cooperative 785 Pandora Avenue Victoria BC V8W 1N9 Ph: (250) 480-4006
To support women and children in moving toward self-sufficiency. Priority is given to women coming out of Transition House. Programs include New Start, Gift Certificate Program, Community Gifts in Kind and Bursary Program.

Withdrawal Management & Supportive Recovery Services, Mental Health & Addictions, VIHA 1125 Pembroke Street Victoria, BC V8T 1J3 Ph: (250) 213-4436
Provides a short-term refuge for people who are under the influence of substances.

Women’s Transition House (Victoria) Box 5986 – Stn. B Victoria, BC V8R 6S8 Ph: (250) 592-2927 Housing and counseling for victims of family violence (women & children only). Emergency shelter for 2 weeks.

Woodwynn Farms Society 7789 West Saanich Road Saanichton, BC V8M 1R7 Ph: (250) 544-1175
Purpose is to create a therapeutic community that gives homeless people the tools to rebuild their lives and become productive members of society.

Worklink Employment Society #202-3179 Jacklin Road Victoria, BC  V9B 3Y7 Ph: (250) 478-9525
Provides employment services to residents of the Western Communities. A new project is the Seniors’ Computer Access Centre, the goal of which is to teach seniors how to use the internet and computers. The project also aims at building community capacity through intergenerational contact between youth volunteers and clients.

World Fisheries Trust 434 Russell Street Victoria, BC V9A 3X3 Ph: (250) 380-7585
Dedicated to the equitable and sustainable use and conservation of acquatic biodiversity through research, education, community engagement and public awareness. Provides education at the Gorge Waterway Education Centre.

Youth Custody Centre PO Box 9219 Stn Prov Govt Victoria, BC V9W 9J1 Ph: (250) 708-2207 Operating a series of programs, i.e. schooling, recreation, arts and crafts, woodworking, etc. for young offenders in a youth facility.

YW/YMCA 851 Brouhton Street Victoria, BC V8W 1E5 Ph: (250) 386-7511
A variety of programs normally run in Y’s – Athletics, some crafts, etc.




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