Canada 150


How do I volunteer for this event?
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“This is one of the best events we have done; AND we involved the whole community too!” – Youth Advisory Committee member


“This is a wonderful program and opportunity for youth.” – City of Victoria Councillor


“I am definitely joining the Youth Advisory Committee after this.”– Volunteer






“I had so much fun!” – Youth Advisory Committee member


“Too bad you don’t do these events for every single high school.” – Spectator


“Thank you very much for including me in this experience.”– Volunteer

   Earth Day Celebration  




“A very memorable Earth Day.” – Youth Advisory Committee member


“I had so much fun at the Earth Day event. I will definitely volunteer for more events.” – Volunteer


“What an absolutely wonderful event on Saturday at Fort Rodd Hill. It was good fun.”– Volunteer Victoria Staff member



What is the 150 Reasons Youth Project?

This year Volunteer Victoria launched the 150 Reasons Youth Project. This project is a series of 12 events and/or initiatives designed and planned by a youth steering committee comprised of youth between the ages of 15-29. This program is made possible by funding from the Victoria Foundation and the Community Foundations of Canada.

The 150 Reasons Youth Project is intended to facilitate youth leadership and community engagement as we commemorate Canada’s 150th year. Each committee member will receive Volunteer Management and Career-related training to better prepare them for the projects they will be undertaking.

What are the requirements?
  1. Youth between the ages of 15-29
  2. Criminal Records Check
  3. Participating in the planning and delivery of at least 2 events throughout 2017
  4. Availability to meet on Saturdays (usually 10-12pm), every two weeks. This may change as we approach event dates.
What do I get out of the experience? 
  1. Volunteer Management training
  2. Career related training
  3. Volunteer hours
  4. Leadership opportunities 
  5. Networking
  6. References
  7. Free food
How do I get involved?

Contact: George Colussi
250 386 2269 ext. 28 


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